Midnight Ceremony 2020 - 2021


Shared from my Heart

Sound ….

We welcome the seen and the unseen.
Those who are physically connected in this room and those who are energetically connected, to this ceremony, to this space.
Physical beings who cannot be here today, but are connecting energetically
Are welcome.

The many parts of me, in the many dimensions, who are willing to be here today,
are welcoming the many other parts of you, who are here today too, wether you recognize it or not.
I welcome my energetic family. The Masters. Ashtar. Mother Earth, Father Sun. The Elementals. My Galactic family.
That support me no matter what, at all times.

I now would like to speak, about the year that has gone.
Because we are now in the New Year, for us, here in Cape Town, in South Africa.
The year that has past, has given many opportunities.
The opportunity of choice.
What you have welcomed and what you have pushed away.
Be grateful for it all. It is all an experience, hopefully supports you in growing.
In being more willing, more able, more open hearted into welcoming the new year.

I wish to say
Please look after yourselves.
Look after your physical bodies, your emotional bodies.
The Soul that inhabits that vehicle.

There is much still to choose about, in this year that we have now entered.
Make careful choice in supporting All of you. Not just some parts of you.

Carefully choose to be Heart Centered, as best as you know, at all times.
Walk softly on this Earth.
Gently but determinedly.
With courage, to be more of you everyday.
Because when the time passes, You, is what you have. And always will.

Embrace every day with gratitude and joy, because you have chosen whatever the day brings, at some level of yourself.
You and only you, can dictate how you interact with your own life.
Dont waste time, thinking others do it for you.
There is always choice.
Even when it feels like there is no choice.
You can always find it in you to forgive, to compassion, to be grateful, to smile.

This year brings many choices.
This year brings with it and intensity of feeling, an intensity of emotions.
An intensity of new experiences.
Be very mindful of how you embrace this.

Wake up in the morning and greet the Sun.
And if the Sun is not shining, because there are clouds in front of it, he is still there.
Wake up every morning and bless this Mother. Mother Earth that you walk upon.
And if it is raining, let it wash your face and smile.
Not just with your lips, but with your Heart. With your eyes. And deep within your Soul.
Because it is a privilege to be in this physical body, this time on Earth.
Choosing who you want to Be.
Who you can be.
Who You are, that you can step into.
Be courageous. Be gentle. Be grateful.

I, shall walk upon the Earth, at my most real.
My most authentic. My most grateful. My most courageous.
To the best of my ability, everyday day, a little more.
Because I can.
Because I choose.
Because I Am.

If anyone wishes to speak.
From their Heart.
This is the time and the space to do so.
You are welcome.

People speak ……

Anyone else?
Are we done? We seem to be done.

I want to say,
We want to say
First and foremost Heart Centerede-nes.
First and foremost Self Honesty.
That recognizes the parts of you, that pretend to be Heart Centered and are not.
Please, let yourself feel, let yourself differentiate, between the different feelings and emotions, let yourself be guided.

Take care of your Soul.
Take care, of the More of You, that walks everyday in those physical bodies, those third dimensional vehicles.
All comes from within.
All comes from these congruent feelings, that speak, think, feel, know, one way.
That if you harm another, you harm yourself.
That if you harm yourself, you harm All.
Because we are One.
Wether you recognize it, wether you know it or not
This is so!

So I want to say thank you.
To all who walk the path of Heart Centered-ness, as best as they know how.
With humbleness.


Thank you. May the year bring you your Soul Desire.
Blessed Be.
Thank you!

Dora and Family (See and Unseen)
31122020 -01012021

Sacred Journey with Song Lines in South Africa 13/18th October 2020

So here we are 10 days later, from arriving on this epic trip!
After lockdown and rearranging and organizing 6 or 7 times, this entire trip, we Made it!
A little bit, or at times lots, of groaning and moaning, over Cape Nature Reserve, hikes closed/opened, (it changed often).

Accommodations already booked and sometimes paid for, no longer opened, or not yet.
Many rules about how many vans were required. The answers varied, depending on who we wanted to listen to.
Traveling across Provinces allowed to? No? Yes?
Enough said about that!

It was all WORTH IT!!!!!
Well, at least I think so.
If anyone disagrees, let me know

So let me share some of this Sacred Journey, that 30 Physical Beings shared.

I am well aware that I have not written about the trip to France and England. Totally connected with the Song Lines and where 22 people chose to embark on a 20 day Sacred Journey.
Maybe soon I will write about it. I will say though that many of the places where we made Ceremony on this trip were connected to France and England trip. As wells our previous Sacred Journeys.

So 6 days on the go.
Multiple ceremonies every day in Sacred Sites.
Early Sun rises, hiking and more hiking.
Beautiful refreshing water to swim in. Most amazing caves.
Beautiful people.
Mother Earth!

As I hoped, guidance accompanied us all the way, in the most gentle way.
The elements of Earth and Water, were an integral part of this trip.
The communion with the Song Lines was profound.
Connecting dots on the Divine Map, of Sacred Energy.
Allowing ourselves to be a little more Awakened.
Hopefully showing up in the best way we could, as a sample of Humanity, dedicated to the Co Creation with All.
Deep Heart Centeredness between the Mother, the Father and the Children was present all the way!
The opportunity to Center more fully, in one’s Divine Feminine and Masculine always available, if the time was appropriate.

Always my absolute Gratitude, for those who willingly embark on these Sacred Journeys, with me and the Mother and Her place in the Galaxy.
For the Gentlest, Most Hopeful, Heart Centered Potential for All.

From my Awakened Heart
Dora 28102020

Here are some of the very many photos and videos taken on this journey:

image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

Sacred Journey with Song Lines in South Africa 2020

Please respond by the end of the week, as deposit for accommodations have to be paid, specially in the Garden Route

Sacred Journey with Song Lines in South Africa

13th - 18th October 2020

This is an invitation, for those who feel called, to join.
Even if you have personally spoken to me about coming, please still respond to this email

We will be visiting sites that put us on strong entry points, to what used to be called “Song Lines”.
In my remembered history, the Peleidians, amongst others, had great input into this arrangement of powerful energy lines.
These are composed of powerful conglomerates of crystals.
These Song Lines are at times buried deeply into Mother Earth and often more at the surface of Her physical body.
These Song Lines, encompass dimensions. They are not only in the 3rd dimension.
They will be will be more visible and more willing to be interacted with, as our frequency, Humanity, increases.
They are called Song Lines, for many reasons.
One of course is the fact, that Sound interacts powerfully with them.
Another is that they, in themselves emit a Sound that is carried throughout the Planet and continuously interacts and calibrates the energy of the Planet.

You may ask, why visit them?
To commune, be impacted and if permitted, impact, through, prayer and intention, as appropriate, the Highest for “All”

Some of the places to be visited:

Crystal Pools
Klipgat Cave
Renendall Forest
Tsitsikama/Storms River Gorge
Plettenberg/ Arch Rock
Valley of Desolation
Cedaberg/ Sadstaal
Cedaberg Rock Pool
Groot Winter Hoek
Sirian Meet
Unity Cave
Noordhoek Beach/ Light City

You will notice that amongst the many places we are visiting, caves and water seem to be a bit of a pattern
Caves are of great significance to me. Besides the powerful Earth element, they are that much closer to the Mother. In a cave we are not only in her energetic body, but also within her physical one.
This will support us in integrating and grounding our experiences of the trip.

And the Water …..
I believe one of the most important requirements of this year, is to connect, come to terms with, acknowledge and make piece with your Water, in as healthy as way as you possibly can.
Hope this helps have a little window into what we will be busy with.
And of course the Song Lines

May it once more, be recognized that a New Dream is desired by Humans and possible to achieve, when the actions and choices are aligned with the Highest.

Needless to say the entire trip is a Sacred Journey and therefore organic.
Ceremony will be had, at every location and more.
The places to be visited, are intuitively chosen, but of course some maybe added and others fall away, between now and then.
But it will remain mostly the same.

At this stage the cost of R12 800 - R14 000 is still approximate, and also depends on wether you choose to share or be in a single room, as well as other factors. We are just providing an approximate cost so that people can start to budget - but will let you know exact amount once we have numbers, so please let us know as soon as possible.

Costs included all transport from Cape Town and back to Cape Town and all transport during the trip. If you come from elsewhere (which you are totally welcome to, that will of course be excluded.
Costs include all activities including the Kayaking at Storms River Gorge and all other places that require permits to go in.
Costs do not include meals (apart from 1 breakfast and 1 dinner), however all the places that we will be staying at, have the option to eat there.
Also along the way we will stop and get food and water as necessary.

Please feel free to email me if you have further questions.
We will need to pay deposits for accommodation very soon, especially in the Garden Route, so please let me know by the end of this week if you would like to join.

Please feel free to email me if you have further questions.


Earthwork - Song Lines - Southern Africa 2018

Earthwork - Song Lines - Southern Africa 2018

Today 09102018, is exactly 13 days, after arriving from a most amazing Earthwork 2018 trip!
I feel I am ready to share some of the experiences from this trip.

This is my third year, doing this trip.
First time, was remembering the matrix of these places on Earth. And to let these places remember me.
To gently awaken us both.
And you could say the Earth, its place in the Galaxy, Humanity and me.

The second trip 28 of us, August/September last year, answered the call.
This was not just a gentle remembering. This was already an awakening of these places, a more determined,
“Come, wake up! It is eventually time to have these Song Lines, not only there as the record of the Plan, but to have them start to come more and more to the surface, to be interacted with.
For all to remember!
The Plan that was a Hope, of things to come. Possibilities!
And Now is the time!
So we visited many places in Mpumalanga/South Africa. Amongst them the Cradle of Humankind, Adam’s Calendar, the White Lions and their energies and many other places.
There were Sacred places being reawakened. And portals to be found.
Sacred places on Earth, waiting for Humans to hear the Calling and for Humans to further awaken to the Calling within and therefore interact with these Sacred places on Earth, that would therefore further activate the Sacred Places.
Divine Osmosis!

Africa, primarily the south of Africa, as always been a place of New Beginnings.
This is certainly facilitated by the fact that Table Mountain, Spinner Wheel for the Earth element, is located at this place in the globe.
For all who understand, the Earth element, facilitates new beginnings. Which of course supports the resolution and completion of the old, as a consequence of moving into new beginnings.
Amazing Alchemical Transformational Energy!

On the third trip, 32 people answered the call, of this now more awakened energy of the Song Lines and Southern Africa.
This trip was much more intense. It was not only “Come wake up. Make the energy more available and to the surface.”
This was connecting some Sacred Sites, to other Sacred Sites. Also the opening of some portals and activation.
It was also the communion with the ancient energy of the African Elephants and the energy of Sirius, through the White Lion Star Beings.

I am deeply aware of the ability of the African Elephants, to help ancient memories in all of us. Memories to do with the abuse of power, of Beings over Human Beings. And through the Wisdom of Compassion and Forgiveness to open our Hearts.

And the energy of the White Lions of pure, unwavering Unconditional Love to further open us up, in a Heart Centered way.
Many other Sacred Sites were visited and the remembrance, anchoring, integration and further awakening, of these African Song Lines were broadcasted.

I am deeply aware that many, all over the World, will be receiving the Calling to come to this place on Mother Earth and allow these energies to support Alchemical Transformation.
It will be Heart warming to witness, those who hear the Calling and respond.

I myself am very aware that my Journey with these Song Lines in Southern Africa, are taking me back to my very beginning when Sirians, Peleidians and Hathors to name a few, anchored these magnificent energies on Planet Earth.
Energies of Hope for a United, Unconditionally Loving, Heart Centered Way of Being.

From my Awakened Heart
Dora 09102018

image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

Sacred Journey to Song Lines in South Africa

Earthwork -Sacred Journey to Song Lines in South Africa

From the 9th -13th September 2017, a group of us embarked on a magical trip:

We visited sites that put us on strong entry points, to what used to be called “Song Lines”.
In my remembered history, the Peleidians, amongst others, had great input into this arrangement of powerful energy lines.
These are composed of powerful conglomerates of crystals.
These Song Lines are at times buried deeply into Mother Earth and often more at the surface of Her physical body.
These Song Lines, encompass dimensions. They are not only in the 3rd dimension.
They will be will be more visible and more willing to be interacted with, as our frequency, Humanity, increases.
They are called Song Lines, for many reasons.
One of course is the fact, that Sound interacts powerfully with them.
Another is they, in itself emit a Sound that is carried throughout the Planet and continuously interacts and calibrates the energy of the Planet.

You may ask, why visit them?
To commune, be impacted and if permitted, impact through , prayer and intention, as appropriate, the Highest for “All”.

We visited the Wonder Cave, then went on to a small village called Kaapsehoop, with wild horses, beautiful nature, and a relaxing atmosphere. Here, we visited a few sacred sites - Adam’s Calender (A formation of stones made up of dolomite, weighing up to 5-tons each, that are claimed to have been transported from a distance to the site as the Escarpment itself is composed of Black Reef Quartzite, rich in gold. It is claimed that the stones would have originally stood in a circle, and that the remaining stones denote the cardinal points (off by 3°) and the rising/setting points of the solstice sun. In the centre of the ‘circle’ are two upright stones which are said to have been carved.

It is regularly claimed that ‘Adam’s Calendar’ is located on the same line of longitude as Giza and Great Zimbabwe. Using Google Earth’s lat/long grid Giza is approximately 45km west of the nearest Adam’s Calendar longitude line. We also visited Moon Rock and the Guardian, as well as a sacred waterfall.

From Kaapsehoop, we went on to see the White Lions. The White Lions are considered to be Star Beings. Bringing the heralding of a new way for Humanity.
If we choose to listen to our Divine Essence. If we follow the calling of our Heart!

These Star Beings are still standing as the protectors for Humankind.
From the beginning of the populating of the Earth. Then already they stood knowingly and decidedly, believing this Journey, between The Mother and the Children. That this would be an Evolution of the understanding of the Path of Unconditional Love. As one of other energetic expansions of Consciousness.

Many ancient cultures acknowledge not just the White Lions, but also other white animals, as a manifestation of a Higher Consciousness.
The Song Line, of which the Timbavati is a part of, is a line that connects powerful and significant sites in other parts of the world.
From Table Mountain, to Adam’s Calendar, up the Timbavati, onto the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, all the way to the Lizard in Cornwall, to Machu Pichu and Lake Ticaca in Peru. To name a few.
This Song Line pulsates with the Heart beat of the Planet.

Here, we communed with the White Lions, as our brothers and sisters. All of us, from the Stars!

Our last, but certainly not least visit was the Sudwala Caves.
The Caves themselves were formed about 240 million years ago

Caves are of great significance to me. Besides the powerful Earth element, they are that much closer to the Mother. In a cave we are not only in her energetic body, but also within her physical one.
This supported us in integrating and grounding our experiences of the trip.

Needless to say the entire trip was a Sacred Journey into our past and will support the future.
Ceremony and ritual was performed throughout the trip.

We are planning another one (with a few variations for 2018).

Please email me should you desire more information.


Midnight Ritual 2017-2018

Midnight Ceremony 2017 - 2018

To those who arrived willing to be present to themselves and the space, my deep gratitude. From my Heart!!

Sound and bell

Welcome to the seen and the unseen!
Welcome to this third dimensional space!
And the space beyond!
Welcome to your third dimensional bodies!
And all else, that you also are!
Welcome to the elementals which we invite here today.
The elements, Air, Water, Fire, Earth.
The angelic realm.
The ancestors and guides that support you.
Welcome to our Galactic Family, which I am always so grateful to have presentL
Another year, one ending and another beginning.
It is just a date.
But with all our intentions and all the thoughts and the belief systems, the consciousness that surrounds these dates, they become powerful.
If you wish to, this power gives you strength.
The support is available to you.
The more conscious you are about it, the more it will support you.
The less conscious you are about it, the more it will, possibly, unbalance you.
So, take time to be clear as best as you know how, about who you are, who you have been, who you which to be.
That which you know you are and have yet to step into.
What is it that you want to step into?
One might say it is such a big question.
How does one even begin to answer, to know.
But what if you don’t (ask)?
Would that be, what you would which for yourself?
Would avoiding, be the answer? Because it seems too big?
After all, you Are!
There is no avoiding that!
There is no running from it!
There is only, refining it!

And so we have had quite a run of energetics, since the 22nd of December 2012!
The energies just keep on increasing and pumping up and growing, in its intensity.
It is like being in the sea, wether you acknowledge it or not, you will get wet!
It is all around!

Of course, there is always that beautiful thing called choice.
There is always going to be waves in the sea!
How you choose to swim, or not swim, or float, or struggle.
There are all those choices!

I would be surprised if 2018, is of any less intensity.
It is just to decide, what kind of intensity you wish for.

I, this vehicle, incarnated at this point in time, still choose, to be in gratitude.
To do this, as gracefully, as I can possibly do it.
To honor myself.
To see joy in every thing, that surrounds me.
Inner beauty!
I wish for my footsteps, to lovingly step on Mother Earth.
Acting towards others, in the way I would wish, they would act towards me.
My choice is to be of service.

I choose to live my life!
What do you choose?

I choose that the tears that flow down my face, are because I live!
That the smile on my lips, is because I live!
I live to the extent, that I can possibly achieve in this vehicle.
I choose to make a difference!
First to myself and then, to those who surround me.
What do you choose?

I choose to be fulfilled!
I choose to be, a little more of me everyday!
To the best of my capacity!
Without pretense!
Stepping, one step at a time, but always in the same direction.
I choose to be in love with myself!
What do you choose?

I wish, that we step upon the Earth, firmly but gently
I wish that the Air that surrounds is warm and pure.
I wish that the Waters in our body and around us, are truly Divine.
And most of all I wish that the Fire in Our Hearts is one that never dies.
And all Unconditional Love.
This is my prayer!

I invite you to speak your own intention, your own prayer, your own thoughts.
If you wish.

My intentions for 2018 and for the next three years, is to embody and to awaken to my Souls essence. My souls technology. My souls wisdom and knowledge. And to bring this through into my body, so I may share it with the world. To completely become free on all levels. And to go to th nest level of embodying, self love, self care, self respect, and practice this energy daily so I can be focused on creating health on all levels. Emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically. I also ask for my property to sell for the highest possible amount, and for the right property to become available to create a healing sanctuary. A healing Centre, to ground my work and to create a safe space for people to come for healing and support
And I want to say a big thank you to Amma, Mother Mira and to Dora for all the support and guidance and love. Thank you.

My intention is to continue on my Souls path. For the highest good, in service of my Soul, in service of Mother Earth and Humanity. And I ask that my Heart be opened, that I feel gratitude for the smallest things. The joy of being alive. And to be grounded and in my truth, and to shine. Thank you for the space Dora.

It is my intention to tread lightly, in the coming year and be as gentle as I can with myself. I intend to keep on letting go of that which is ready to leave, and to welcome the more of me that is ready to come home. I really am in owe of this magnificent experience which is my life. And I intend to live it to the highest potential that I possibly can. I do this for the highest good and the highest good of all beings everywhere. I also party for Africa and her healing on all different levels this is something that is very close to my heart at the moment. And I would just like to affirm That I am in the Light , for the Light and by the Light and I am not afraid of who I am. Thank you very much for the space everybody and have a beautiful year. Thank you

It is my intention to continue into to 2018 on this path of self discovery of myself, of who I am. And trust and love and respect for myself and others. Thank you

It is my intention to continue on my journey of learning more about myself. And I intend to do it, gracefully and with love and gratitude. And to enjoy this experience and I intend to let go of the limitations that I have put upon myself and I intend to let go of them with gratitude. Thank you

My intention for 2018, this next year, is to show up for my souls journey and my humans journey and to marry the two. I am very grateful for the space. Thank you

My intention is to keep going on this path towards my highest destiny, with courage, love, determination, nobility and to keep discovering more of me , with courage, love and determination and acceptance and I am just very grateful for me, for the space, for Dora, for everyone in our community. Thank you

I intend that in 2018 I will allow myself to be seen. I intend to embody my power, my gifts, my self love at the next level that I am at. I intend to do this with joy and love and deep gratitude and acceptance. I am extremely grateful for walking my path and for overcoming and learning and discovering more of me and letting go of parts of me who no longer serve me. And I intend to ask for myself and to ask for support that I continue to do this gently and to continue to let go of what no longer serves me with ease and effortlessness. I intend to love more, play more, have fun more and to actually start living the new me with courage . I am extremely grateful for Dora and the community. I just want to say thank you

My intention is to continue uncovering my light and my shadow with compassion and understanding. To continue falling deeper in love with myself and all around me. And to continue mastering more and learning more about creation in all of its forms. And thank you for the space to do that.Thank you

I express deep gratitude for the abundance and good fortune available for me to live my highest potential as per my destiny

My intention is to keep it quite simple in the new year. To accept all of me. My shadow and my light. And to shine.so I can be truly me. And have the courage to show who I am.

My intention is to continue to show up for my light this year, courage and lightness and to live with an open heart. Thank you Dora for your support and kindness.
Thank you for this community and this space.

My intention is to express myself as authentically as possible this year. To be more courageous and to be gentle in this

Is everyone done?

I would like to acknowledge the ancestors support today. It is so strong!

Anyone else? No?
Could you please really, really, really surrender to loving yourself!!!
All of you!
And when you don’t understand what is going on in your life, it has purpose and you on some level have chosen for that, to be the case
I can’t tell you how important that will be.
That it is important, how everyday, that you can love every little bit. The big bits, the small bits and the bits in between, that happen to you. All have purpose and all are significant.
So at this point, I want to say, thank you for the Seen and the Unseen.
Thank you to you, who made the time to gather together.
I want to say thank you to my son. Who so very quietly, facilitates so much of what I am able to do, because of that support.
And thank You for showing up.
I Love You!

Let’s make sound together!
Sound and bell

From my Heart the greatest Gratitude!
Dora, the Seen and the Unseen

I Am

I am who i am
I am my pain and I am my joy
I am the introvert and the loud one
The silly and the serious
The cynical and the trusting
The foolish and the determined
The laughter and the tears
I am who I am
I am the parent and the child
The sister and the brother
The nurturer and the neglected
The Innocent and the naive
The crazy and the sane
The lover and the loved
I Am the Shadow and the Light !
I Am the one that forgot!
And I Am also the one that is Remembering
And most of all I Am the one that is choosing to remember!
And I choose to remember that:
I am the Light Warrior
I Am The Way shower
I am The mapmaker
I am the Creator
And I am who I choose!
I Am that I Am!
Dora 26112015


Promises from Self Love Workshop

On Sunday, many attended my Self Love Workshop. Each participant was asked to make a promise to themselves, a promise that they could actually keep and action. The ‘contract’ to themselves was signed and folded and signed again. Here are a few of the promises that were written… My hope is that perhaps they inspire you or stir you.. More will be added over the course of the next week. Thank you to the brave souls that agreed to have their promises published on the website :) Enjoy!

*My promise to myself today was a picture but the words that went along with it were: “I promise to nurture this blue flame of self-love and the unfolding that I feel within.

*My Promise to me:
I promise to practice my morning ritual each morning.
I promise to make choices that are self loving even if they are choices I do not want to do but am aware from a higher loving conscious that these choices are self loving.
I promise to listen to my inner voice that encourages me to be self loving.
I promise to be patient with myself.

To be open to receiving love that is healthy, good and pure.

*To forgive myself by mourning the parts of me that are lost, and by retrieving and embracing the fragments - to get back to Wholeness.

*Promise to self:
I am embracing the Universal Truth that we are all One as much as I can…more and more each day

*I promise to be soft but strong

*My promise:
I promise to walk step by step day by day closer to self love, closer to me.
And to consciously let go of things that keep me from loving myself.
To make choices from a more self loving space
To try to listen and recognise the messages along the way.
To be kind, gentle and forgiving towards myself.

*I promise to feel gratitude everyday and slowly begin the process of loving more passionately

*My promise to self…
To light a candle each day to help me connect ever deeper with my core flame and to acknowledge and feel self-love…even just for a moment.

*Dear Self,
First of all i want to thank you for this opportunity, for the people in my world who support me, for my many teachers, for this community, for the opening i feel in my heart. My promise to you is that i will not veer from this journey; that i will stay true in my quest to know you, to love you, to honor you. I promise to continue what i have already started. My commitment is stronger, my acceptance of my stumbling is greater, my eyes are open. I am awake. Thank You.

*I promise that every day, as best as I can, I will treat myself as kindly and lovingly as I would treat someone I truly love. I will show myself the love that I show them.

*I promise to keep experiencing JOY and AWE, in dots that are connected
and connections that are made…
moments that lead me and have lead me
to where I am and where I’m going
To be authentic

*My Promise to Self - Stop and be aware when it’s self love vs indulgence, honestly!

*I promise to continue practicing this path of self love as best I can
In gratitude

The Hurt

The hurt that lives in the pit of my stomach
It is real
And it does not exist
It is in the past
And It is always present
It is dead
But it lives on
It is me
And it is so, not me!

It leaves me exhausted, uncertain and at times desperate.
It also feeds my absolute certainty, that I am not only that!
That there is more
That I can survive it!
That the rest of me is so alive!
That if I keep on looking,
I will find it.

So the determination rises.
And as I move with that determination,
There is but one conclusion,
More of Me!

Dora 25082016




Beauty beyond what the eye sees
Beauty beyond words
Beauty in my bones, blood vessels, skin ….

Beauty of Feeling
Beauty from my Heart
Beauty from My Soul

Beauty Without
Beauty Within
Beauty Within and All around

Beauty of All

Dora 09092016



Let’s Quit trying to be someone else,
Something else
In another place
Under different circumstances!
We really resist being just who we are.
Comparison and judgement!
On and on and on!
But that is all we can ever be!
Completely useless to try not to be you!
This is something we will never manage to do.
Because it is impossible not to be you!
The truth is, you take away from you.
Every time you try to be someone else
Something else
In another place
Under different circumstances!
We can shift and transform.
And tomorrow you will be a better you!
But still you!
Every time, everyday and everywhere!
So Be You!
By Dora 10032016


To Be Heart Centre All Together

To Be Heart Centered All Together
And my Heart is full
And my Soul is expanded
And I am soooo Grateful
My body vibrates
My Soul sings
My Heart melts
And I am sooooo Grateful
And every step of my life has brought me here
And every choice has brought me to this present
And all moments of my Life have become this moment
And I am sooooo Grateful
And here You are
And here I am
And here We are
And I am soooo Grateful
And as We continue to Be
Always more conscious
The more We become
And I am soooo Grateful
I am You
And You are Me
And We are One
I am soooooooo Grateful
By Dora 03082016


To Just Be!

Oh! To just Be!
To Be all of Me!
With no doubts
And no maybes
No shoulds
And no musts
Oh just to be!
To be All of Me!

Dora 03082016


Love & Love

Love and love!

Is love this fluttering at my breast? Or is it infatuation?
Is it the desire to please, or is it love or is it fear?
Are my words sweet because i am stuck in how it should be or because my heart is full?

Who am I most, my illusion or my truth?
My honoring or my neglect?
Do I love you? Or me? Or we?

I humbly and powerfully request that my ego my fear and my wounding surrender.
That clarity replace confusion.
Kindness replaces harshness
And who I truly am in all my splendor guides all my choices.
So Be It!
Dora 22092015


Life to Live!

And the wind came up
And the leaves spun in the air
And the droplets of water spread wide and far
The tension went nowhere
It still lay thick as molasses
Regardless of the wind
Regardless of intention
Lives were changing
Possible potentials dissolving
Other potentials forming more clearly
Lives happen
So they can be lived
New paths to be walked
Walk them bravely
Walk them gently
Walk them in purity of Heart centeredness!
Dora 02012016


Midnight Ritual 2015/2016

Start of ceremony
Sound of.bell
So we want to welcome the Seen and the Unseen.the elementals, the elements, air, water, fire, earth.
Many crystalline families, the Ascended Masters, our galactic family.
Our ancestors. You, who have made time to be here today.
Incarnated in these physical bodies.
A soul who is willing to experience this third dimension.
Bringing heaven to earth through these physical bodies
May peace be with you
We are saying goodbye to a year and welcoming the other
May I suggest, that no matter what crosses your path this coming year, you trust, you are grateful.
For every path you walk is of your choice.
So whatever that maybe, honor it by trusting it.
But also attempt to understand yourself.
What makes you walk here, instead of there.
What moves you in a specific direction.
This is something, that would be in your own interest, to be clearer about
This is something that in your understanding, with great honesty, can lead you into being more of yourself.
And truly this is why you are here on earth.
To every day understand yourself a little bit better and to do it with joy
2015 has been an intense year.
I want to say, that 2016 will be equally, if not more so, intense.
But that intensity, can be joyful or chaotic depending how much you choose to support yourself and what path you choose to take.
Because this planet is a planet of free will.
Part of the growth, part of the evolution, comes from being able to choose.
Do you choose with your heart, or do you choose with your mind.
When the Choice is made from mind and doubt and fear, the path is always tougher.
When the choices are made for a heart centered place, the path illuminates before you and it is easier to see where you walk and your steps are lighter.
And you shine.
When you shine, the same events in your life are felt differently.
When you follow your heart, you shine.
I hope that my words, those that I am being guided to speak, in some way, support you.
I hope that your path is paved with peace and grace and joy.
That your path leads you closer to whom you truly are.
That you are brave and courageous, to shine your light without any fear.
Or when you are afraid, because you are in a human body, that you are brave enough to overcome it and you walk towards your soul, anyway.
2016 is definitely going to lead to great transformation.
Great transformation always brings great joy, or its polar opposite.
So choose wisely.
Choose to be guided by your heart
I, now, dora, in this physical body, want to say once more, how grateful I am.
I choose to live with honesty, integrity.
And I will continue to walk towards my soul.
You may choose to say some words now if you find yourself moved to do so
” I just want to say thank you, thanks and gratitude for the…………..
May the wind beneath your wings be gentle
May the waters you swim in be warm and kind
May the fire in your heart be everlasting
May the earth beneath your feet be firm and soft.
May your heart expand with self love, compassion and oneness.
May the tears that run down your face be because you are honoring yourself.
May the smile on your lips be because you see beauty in all
Beauty beneath you
Beauty above you
Beauty to your left and beauty to your right
Beauty ahead of you and behind you
Beauty within you
Beauty all around
Beauty of Soul
I want to thank all present, the Seen and the Unseen.
I am ever so grateful.
I am grateful for me too.
That I am always available. That I am always willing.
And I am so grateful for you walking with me.
And I with you.
Let’s make sound together
Blessed be!


Midnight Ritual

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