Shared from my Heart

Sound ….

We welcome the seen and the unseen.
Those who are physically connected in this room and those who are energetically connected, to this ceremony, to this space.
Physical beings who cannot be here today, but are connecting energetically
Are welcome.

The many parts of me, in the many dimensions, who are willing to be here today,
are welcoming the many other parts of you, who are here today too, wether you recognize it or not.
I welcome my energetic family. The Masters. Ashtar. Mother Earth, Father Sun. The Elementals. My Galactic family.
That support me no matter what, at all times.

I now would like to speak, about the year that has gone.
Because we are now in the New Year, for us, here in Cape Town, in South Africa.
The year that has past, has given many opportunities.
The opportunity of choice.
What you have welcomed and what you have pushed away.
Be grateful for it all. It is all an experience, hopefully supports you in growing.
In being more willing, more able, more open hearted into welcoming the new year.

I wish to say
Please look after yourselves.
Look after your physical bodies, your emotional bodies.
The Soul that inhabits that vehicle.

There is much still to choose about, in this year that we have now entered.
Make careful choice in supporting All of you. Not just some parts of you.

Carefully choose to be Heart Centered, as best as you know, at all times.
Walk softly on this Earth.
Gently but determinedly.
With courage, to be more of you everyday.
Because when the time passes, You, is what you have. And always will.

Embrace every day with gratitude and joy, because you have chosen whatever the day brings, at some level of yourself.
You and only you, can dictate how you interact with your own life.
Dont waste time, thinking others do it for you.
There is always choice.
Even when it feels like there is no choice.
You can always find it in you to forgive, to compassion, to be grateful, to smile.

This year brings many choices.
This year brings with it and intensity of feeling, an intensity of emotions.
An intensity of new experiences.
Be very mindful of how you embrace this.

Wake up in the morning and greet the Sun.
And if the Sun is not shining, because there are clouds in front of it, he is still there.
Wake up every morning and bless this Mother. Mother Earth that you walk upon.
And if it is raining, let it wash your face and smile.
Not just with your lips, but with your Heart. With your eyes. And deep within your Soul.
Because it is a privilege to be in this physical body, this time on Earth.
Choosing who you want to Be.
Who you can be.
Who You are, that you can step into.
Be courageous. Be gentle. Be grateful.

I, shall walk upon the Earth, at my most real.
My most authentic. My most grateful. My most courageous.
To the best of my ability, everyday day, a little more.
Because I can.
Because I choose.
Because I Am.

If anyone wishes to speak.
From their Heart.
This is the time and the space to do so.
You are welcome.

People speak ……

Anyone else?
Are we done? We seem to be done.

I want to say,
We want to say
First and foremost Heart Centerede-nes.
First and foremost Self Honesty.
That recognizes the parts of you, that pretend to be Heart Centered and are not.
Please, let yourself feel, let yourself differentiate, between the different feelings and emotions, let yourself be guided.

Take care of your Soul.
Take care, of the More of You, that walks everyday in those physical bodies, those third dimensional vehicles.
All comes from within.
All comes from these congruent feelings, that speak, think, feel, know, one way.
That if you harm another, you harm yourself.
That if you harm yourself, you harm All.
Because we are One.
Wether you recognize it, wether you know it or not
This is so!

So I want to say thank you.
To all who walk the path of Heart Centered-ness, as best as they know how.
With humbleness.


Thank you. May the year bring you your Soul Desire.
Blessed Be.
Thank you!

Dora and Family (See and Unseen)
31122020 -01012021