My name is Dora Dias da Silva. I was born in Portugal, and from the age of four brought up in Mozambique. My education was initially in analytical chemistry research and pharmaceuticals, and later in computer programming. I worked as a manager and director at a major South African retailer, until my destiny led me to what I am doing now.

I suppose my path was laid out for me from the time when I was still in my mom’s womb. At eight months of pregnancy she heard me cry for an entire week. Panicked she ran to her mother who told her “The child has the Sight”. At the age of 25 my first child was born quite sickly and for the first time I discovered that when I would lay my hands on him he got better. This was quite a stretch coming from a cultural background where we did not even know how to spell the word “Aura”.

I proceeded to do courses like kinesiology, reflexology, feet chiropractics, acupuncture, and sound therapy. I was trying to bring structure to what I was doing intuitively. Every time I found myself breaking through the structure and following my guidance.

I came to terms with the fact that science has finally proven what we in the metaphysical world have known for centuries: at a quantum level everything is consciousness.

I work with consciousness levels, by shifting the present consciousness level, to a higher consciousness level. Be that on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. I do this in my practice individually and in groups.

I lead a Tuesday evening group, which introduces people to expanded forms of consciousness, and a Wednesday evening group where more advanced work gets done. I also run a one year course, where tools of transformation and healing are taught. I run sound workshops and transformational workshops. I use various tools to accomplish this. As an example: Hands on healing, Sound, Mental work and channelling of expanded energies.

Often people will come to me in my practice at a time of crisis, which really is the birth to a new conscious level. These people will often then join the groups. The expanded benefit from it is that it grows from a personal to a global benefit by affecting mass consciousness.

My purpose is to tap into people’s innate potential to create a spiritually motivated society in which conscious evolution is the purpose, and where we can co-create to be a Universal Humanity. I attempt to do this as well through my Earth work, where I interact with ley lines, the crystalline grid of the Earth and the Christ Consciousness grid or Unity grid. I work with the Earth at the level of its position within the Galaxy. I work intimately with my Galactic Family. Also with the Ascended Masters and The Archangels. I channel and Embody the Female aspect of Christ Consciousness. With these tools I map-make new ways on Planet Earth in a way that is broadcast into the Cosmos. I do this with as much honouring, integrity and authenticity that I can master in this human expression of my Highest Potential.