These are one day transformational workshops, normally on a Sunday. They run from 9am to 5pm, even possibly a little later. The intent for these workshops is to support people to move through their “constructs”. These constructs could be mental or emotional. They could be belief systems, thought forms, energetic ties and much more. The intensity of the workshop will facilitate an accelerated movement towards the breakdown, of said “constructs”. You will leave the workshop with new insights, clarity, or even release of such constructs. It depends at what point of the breakdown of these energies you are in. The workshop will allow you, through its intensity, to accelerate your movement towards knowing/understanding who you truly are.

These workshops always have a different theme, but are guaranteed to highlight and stir, what in your life stops you from achieving the realisation of your highest potential, in this life time. A highest potential, which is your divine right to achieve, with as much Joy, Love and Peace as possible.

The Desire for Perfection!

23rd June

And so, what is this pursuit that we engage in? This thing we dream about?

Who decided what it is? What does it look like? Its shape? Its color?

That often keeps us awake. And keeps us comparing! Everything!

Lets put it into the place it deserves.

Lets do it together!

When: Sunday, the 23rd June 2019
Time: 9am-approx. 5pm
Where: Bergvliet

Please email me if you would like to enroll or have further questions:

The Great Gathering

26th, 27th, 28th July

Through the many ages, the many life times, the many traumas, the many attachments, the many wounds…….
Many parts of our Soul scattered to the winds………
This the Age of The Great Gathering

The Gathering of parts of our Soul
The Gathering of the Male and Female within us
The Gathering of the many Ancestral Cycles
The Gathering of All

In this Female Cycle it is the Heart that leads
It is the Heart that embraces
In the Heart it all gathers
The Great Gathering!

Allow this workshop to support you in doing a liitle more healing, a little more remembering, and accomplishing as much of it as you find yourself ready for.
In this workshop we will, as much as it is appropriate for each one, gather parts of yourself.
We will be utilizing female and male ways to become heart centered.
Also utilizing processes that support, the remembering/healing necessary to allow more of yourself to come in.

This is a powerful workshop, allowing for deep self realizations.

For those who did the Great Gathering last year and benefited from all the many ways to be in your Heart, Male (Drunvalo Melchizedek) and Female, i would like to share with you, that a whole lot of new tools and processes are being made available for this workshop.
These processes will address the Heart connection, which of course is the centre of one’s Universe, and the Female and Male Balance and Unity, but will also be addressing many of the powerful new energies and frequencies being broadcast to the Planet (therefore Humanity) and from our Solar System’s Sun and our Galactic Sun.

These will be directly supporting the impact these energies have on our Physical and Energetic bodies.
The goal is to keep pace with our Solar, Galactic and Universal evolution with as little turmoil as possible.

Conflict! Inner Conflict!

25th August

So we try to ignore it! We look away!

And of course, it catches up to us!

It screams loudly!

It bursts out, in our reactions, our difficulty in sleeping and and and….

Lets find out more about ourselves, and how to deal and heal!

Hoping to see you in this journey!

Compassion versus Empathy!

3rd November

For others? For self? For the Earth?

Is it possible to do one without the other?

Lets find out more and care for All!

See you there.

In the Pursuit of the Authentic Self

1st December

This is not a goal, something you achieve overnight, it is the walking everyday of a certain way of being.
Being closer and closer to one’s Authentic Self, with every action, every thought, every word and every feeling.

Whithin us, ALL lives.
Our Light and our Shadow….
Our Fears and our Wounds……
Our Joys and our Sorrows…..
What we Remember and what we have Forgotten……
It is how willing we are to see it ALL……….
That shows how Authentic we are…….
How do you find it? How do you get more of it? How to make space for it?
How to Be it?
Or is it already there?
And there is nothing to do?
Authenticity is the path that needs to be walked,*
to move ever closer to one’s Authentic Self.
Without the acknowledgement of every facet of self,
one’s Authentic Self cannot be achieved.
Come and find yourself a little closer to your Authentic Self!

Midnight Ceremony

31st December


Sacred Journey to Song Lines in South Africa

TBC 2019

This is an invitation, for those who feel called, to join.

We will be visiting sites that put us on strong entry points, to what used to be called “Song Lines”.
In my remembered history, the Peleidians, amongst others, had great input into this arrangement of powerful energy lines.
These are composed of powerful conglomerates of crystals.
These Song Lines are at times buried deeply into Mother Earth and often more at the surface of Her physical body.
These Song Lines, encompass dimensions. They are not only in the 3rd dimension.
They will be will be more visible and more willing to be interacted with, as our frequency, Humanity, increases.
They are called Song Lines, for many reasons.
One of course is the fact, that Sound interacts powerfully with them.
Another is that they, in themselves emit a Sound that is carried throughout the Planet and continuously interacts and calibrates the energy of the Planet.

You may ask, why visit them?
To commune, be impacted and if permitted, impact, through, prayer and intention, as appropriate, the Highest for “All”


Wednesday Evening Gatherings

This group meets every Wednesday evening. Energies are channeled to transform ourselves and mass consciousness.
There are many tools used, eg. male/female balance, sacred geometry, etc.

Where: Plumstead
Time: 7pm-9pm

Last class for the year: 11th December, 2019 - please bring pen and paper for 2020 intention setting.


Crystals Course

From 1.30pm to 3.30pm. It will run once a month, on a Saturday.

This would not be a “names” …… mind knowledge.
It will be completely focused on connecting with the crystal itself and how it relates personally to you.

Upcoming Dates for 2019:

6th April
11th May
8th June
10th August
1st September
26th October
23rd November

13 Week Introduction to Spiritual Development Course

The course is an exploration of a wide array of spiritual topics and tools. The primary aim of this course is to connect you consciously to your own inner guidance, your Authentic Self, your Heart space. Also to increase the frequency of your physical and energetic bodies. Many practical tools will be utilised to do so. The aim of the course is also to assist you to restore the natural harmony of your body, mind and spirit in a supportive and fun way.

Course content:

Chakras, Auras and Energetic Bodies
Higher self
Ascended Masters
The Kingdoms
The Four Elements
Concepts: Shadow & Light, The Ascension, Energetic ties, Mass Consciousness
And much more :)

The course runs on a Tuesday evening from 7pm-9pm.
The next one begins 19th February, 2019.

All are welcome to join. Please email me on if you would like to join.

1 Year Healing Course

Next one begins: 16th March 2019
When: Every Saturday for one year, 2 hours every Saturday

This course aims at deep self development and soul alignment.
It is both practical and insightful of the energetic seen and unseen world.
The course is meant to be facilitating of change and understanding of self.
Even though there is a lot of mind information and understanding, the course is primarily geared at deep understanding of every day actions and therefore greater self awareness.

Many tools and methods of self healing and the healing of others is learned.

This course supports not only personal development, but also your ability to work with others

When through understanding and healing, one finds True Self, a deep Love for Self, and All living Beings occurs.
Ones steps on Mother Earth become a benediction”

This course will happen every Saturday for 2 hours each week.

Please let me know if you have further questions, or would like to join for the year.