These are one day transformational workshops, normally on a Sunday. They run from 9am to 5pm, even possibly a little later. The intent for these workshops is to support people to move through their “constructs”. These constructs could be mental or emotional. They could be belief systems, thought forms, energetic ties and much more. The intensity of the workshop will facilitate an accelerated movement towards the breakdown, of said “constructs”. You will leave the workshop with new insights, clarity, or even release of such constructs. It depends at what point of the breakdown of these energies you are in. The workshop will allow you, through its intensity, to accelerate your movement towards knowing/understanding who you truly are.

These workshops always have a different theme, but are guaranteed to highlight and stir, what in your life stops you from achieving the realisation of your highest potential, in this life time. A highest potential, which is your divine right to achieve, with as much Joy, Love and Peace as possible.

The Energies of 2023, Galactic Family, Elementals, The Masters and The Rays

22nd January 2023

This workshop will support you in understanding more clearly, how to navigate the year of 2023, in your own individual way.

We will be channelling in, quite specifically, the year of 2023 energies per quarters.

This brings clarity to the year ahead.
With the energies of the year being channelled in, the different potentials available in one’s life, become much more apparent.
This clarity on potentials, allows for a more Soul aligned and smoother journey.

I have also been guided to bring in some Galactic Energies and Elemental Energies, specifically related to this time on the Earth’s Playground.

We’ll also be channelling in, energies of some Masters and some Rays, as guided.
Other energies will also be present, Pleiadians, Hathors, Sirians and many more.
If guided, some of them will also be channelled in.
This will support you and bring more clarity to your direct relationship to each of them and of course, always, enhances the clarity towards Self.

This workshop will support you with this and much more.

Wonderment! Workshop

25th & 26th February 2023

Do you remember, I hope, as a child the innocent curiosity that lead you to explore?
And kept looking for the next surprise around the corner, that you didn’t even know was there?
And when you encountered it, your eyes would shine and the world was mysterious, exciting and a Wonder!

Do you still manage to connect with that feeling? Or only fleetingly?
Or have you slowly allowed, this truly Alive feeling to dissipate more and more?

Join this workshop to rediscover and claim back, this Wondrous feeling.
And understand a little of what stands in the way, of being in a more perpetual state of Wonderment!

Embodying Self Value Workshop

25th & 26th March 2023

Why this topic?
Why ask yourself the question?
Is it important?
Is it about what I see, others see?
How does it impact my life? Or does it?

So many questions and quite often so difficult to make sense of, and understand the many ramifications into ones life.

Join this workshop and support yourself with further understanding, more ability to feel into the Self Value and a greater connection to yourself.

The Power of Following Through! Workshop

29th & 30th April 2023

An amazing ability, The Power of Following Through!
I would even call it a Super Power!

Sound Journey

17th June 2023

Sound is deeply rooted in my Being!
It is deep in all Beings.
Sound is the very fabric of the Universe!
Even Stars sing! And every cell in our bodies!
I find Sound incredibly Heart Centering.
And moving to my Core.

This is being offered both at Aya Centre, and via Zoom.
Also video/sound files, if that is your preference.

This Journey will be a mix of music and voice.

Adults, children and those new to the landscape of Sound, are all welcome.

Please let me know if you would like to enroll.
And which one of the above-mentioned options you choose.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

The Great Gathering

28th, 29th & 30th July 2023

Through the many ages, the many life times, the many traumas, the many attachments, the many wounds…….
Many parts of our Soul scattered to the winds………
This the Age of The Great Gathering

The Gathering of parts of our Soul
The Gathering of the Male and Female within us
The Gathering of the many Ancestral Cycles
The Gathering of All

In this Female Cycle it is the Heart that leads
It is the Heart that embraces
In the Heart it all gathers
The Great Gathering!

Allow this workshop to support you in doing a liitle more healing, a little more remembering, and accomplishing as much of it as you find yourself ready for.
In a Heart Centred way!

In this workshop we will, as much as it is appropriate for each one, gather parts of yourself.
We will be utilizing female and male ways to become heart centered.
Also utilising processes that support, the remembering/healing necessary to allow more of yourself to be integrated with All of you.

This is a powerful workshop, allowing for deep self realizations.

For those who did the Great Gathering before and benefited from all the many ways to be in your Heart, Male (Drunvalo Melchizedek) and Female, i would like to share with you, that a whole lot of new tools and processes are being made available for this workshop.
These processes will address the Heart connection, which of course is the centre of one’s Universe, and the Female and Male Balance and Unity, but will also be addressing many of the powerful new energies and frequencies being broadcast to the Planet (therefore Humanity) and from our Solar System’s Sun and our Galactic Sun.

These will be directly supporting the impact these energies have on our Physical and Energetic bodies.
The goal is to keep pace with our Solar, Galactic and Universal evolution with as little turmoil as possible.

Story Telling

5th August 2023

It is an old way of keeping memories alive!
Culture, emotion, connection!

It has been about 5 or 6 years, since my inner guidance requested, that there will be some Story Telling.

And it has taken me this long, to agree to put it in motion.
Not too sure yet where it is going!
Not too sure yet the form it will take
I know it will be stirring and an opportunity for growth.
Certainly for me!
Maybe for you.

It feels a little bit like an adventure, that one embarks on, without guarantees.
Some excitement.
Lots of trepidation.
A little like life, right?

If you want to adventure a little (or a lot, who knows), join me :

at Aya Centre or Zoom
from 4 to 6pm
5th of August 2023

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Intimacy with Self/All

2nd & 3rd September 2023

What is this thing called Intimacy?
Does it relate to you?
How does it affect you?
Or does it?
How is it relevant?
And will knowing more about yourself, benefit this Intimacy thing in any way?
And if it is relevant, how does this impact/support you in relating to yourself and others and All?

I hope you feel called to join this workshop.
So we can all move into a conscious and aware space of greater Intimacy with Self and others and All.

Sound Journey

21st October 2023

Deep within our Soul, in our Inner Being, there are aspirations, soul desires, and potentials.

The Union of Light and Shadow

4th & 5th November 2023

In Pursuit of the Authentic Self

2nd & 3rd December 2023

This is not a goal, something you achieve overnight, it is the walking everyday of a certain way of being.
Being closer and closer to one’s Authentic Self, with every action, every thought, every word and every feeling.

Whithin us, ALL lives.
Our Light and our Shadow….
Our Fears and our Wounds……
Our Joys and our Sorrows…..
What we Remember and what we have Forgotten……
It is how willing we are to see it ALL……….
That shows how Authentic we are…….
How do you find it? How do you get more of it? How to make space for it?
How to Be it?
Or is it already there?
And there is nothing to do?
Authenticity is the path that needs to be walked,*
to move ever closer to one’s Authentic Self.
Without the acknowledgement of every facet of self,
one’s Authentic Self cannot be achieved.
Come and find yourself a little closer to your Authentic Self!

Midnight Ceremony

31st December 2023


We will be connecting with the Crystals individually, connecting with the Crystalline Grid and with Mother Earth.
We will be connecting with the Consciousness of a specific Crystal.
The crystal we connect with, is chosen through guidance, to support individuals and Humanity.
To establish your own personal connection to this crystal.
And through it to connect with the Crystalline Grid and with Mother Earth.

Next Course: 19th August 2023

Following Crystal Courses:
7th October 2023