These are one day transformational workshops, normally on a Sunday. They run from 9am to 5pm, even possibly a little later. The intent for these workshops is to support people to move through their “constructs”. These constructs could be mental or emotional. They could be belief systems, thought forms, energetic ties and much more. The intensity of the workshop will facilitate an accelerated movement towards the breakdown, of said “constructs”. You will leave the workshop with new insights, clarity, or even release of such constructs. It depends at what point of the breakdown of these energies you are in. The workshop will allow you, through its intensity, to accelerate your movement towards knowing/understanding who you truly are.

These workshops always have a different theme, but are guaranteed to highlight and stir, what in your life stops you from achieving the realisation of your highest potential, in this life time. A highest potential, which is your divine right to achieve, with as much Joy, Love and Peace as possible.

Male/Female Interactions & Subconscious Behaviors

Again and again the patterns are repeated.
There is confusion as to how we get to this same place again and again.
What drives us?
Often “knowing” better!

We talk about it.
We even make up our minds to do it differently!

And there we go again

When: Sunday, 22nd April 2018
Time: 9am-5pm
Where: Bergvliet

Please email me if you would like to enroll:


Sacred Journey to Song Lines in South Africa

22nd-26th September 2018

This is an invitation, for those who feel called, to join.
Even if you have personally spoken to me about coming, please still respond to this email:)

We will be visiting sites that put us on strong entry points, to what used to be called “Song Lines”.
In my remembered history, the Peleidians, amongst others, had great input into this arrangement of powerful energy lines.
These are composed of powerful conglomerates of crystals.
These Song Lines are at times buried deeply into Mother Earth and often more at the surface of Her physical body.
These Song Lines, encompass dimensions. They are not only in the 3rd dimension.
They will be will be more visible and more willing to be interacted with, as our frequency, Humanity, increases.
They are called Song Lines, for many reasons.
One of course is the fact, that Sound interacts powerfully with them.
Another is that they, in themselves emit a Sound that is carried throughout the Planet and continuously interacts and calibrates the energy of the Planet.

You may ask, why visit them?
To commune, be impacted and if permitted, impact, through, prayer and intention, as appropriate, the Highest for “All”

Some of the places to be visited:

*Wonder Caves

Starting with a connection to Mother Earth, and intention of this trip. So very hopeful we will once more , be allowed to make sound in absolute darkness. One of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. Truly communing with the Mother.

*Blyde River Canyon / Kadishi Tufa Waterfall / Three Rondavels/ Bourke’s Luck Potholes (Potholes=time permitting)

*The White Lions of Timbavati

The White Lions are considered to be Star Beings. Bringing the heralding of a new way for Humanity.
If we choose to listen to our Divine Essence. If we follow the calling of our Heart!
These Star Beings are still standing as the protectors for Humankind.
From the beginning of the populating of the Earth. Then already they stood knowingly and decidedly, believing this Journey, between The Mother and the Children. That this would be an Evolution of the understanding of the Path of Unconditional Love. As one of other energetic expansions of Consciousness.

Many ancient cultures acknowledge not just the White Lions, but also other white animals, as a manifestation of a Higher Consciousness.

The Song Line, of which the Timbavati is a part of, is a line that connects powerful and significant sites in other parts of the world.
From Table Mountain, to Adam’s Calendar, up the Timbavati, onto the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, all the way to the Lizard in Cornwall, to Machu Pichu and Lake Ticaca in Peru. To name a few.
This Song Line pulsates with the Heart beat of the Planet.

We will commune with the White Lions, as our brothers and sisters. All of us, from the Stars!

*Elephants of Hazyview

I have been guided to include these majestic Beings into our Sacred Journey,
They are, much like the Whales, Wisdom and Record Keepers.
Amongst other things, they will support us in being a part of Mother Earth’s journey and the place She occupies in the Galaxy, and in deeply fetching this in our own individual Akashic Records.
For some of us, this is a continuation of our continuous involvement in Her journey, from the beginning of time and into the future.

These magnificent beings will support us in grounding the experiences throughout the trip and if allowed, make it a part of the Akashic Records, that will then be accessible to One and All.
Sudwala Caves
The Caves themselves were formed about 240 million years ago

Caves are of great significance to me. Besides the powerful Earth element, they are that much closer to the Mother. In a cave we are not only in her energetic body, but also within her physical one.
This will support us in integrating and grounding our experiences of the trip.

The small village of wild horses, beautiful nature, much history and a relaxing atmosphere.

We will be staying in this village for two nights.
During this time we will visit the next few sites which are in close proximity.

*Moon Rock and the Guardian

These sites primarily support in calibrating, releasing and upgrading spiritual technology in preparation for Adam’s Calendar.

*Adam’s Calendar

We will complete our trip with a Full Moon ceremony at this most significant site .
We will be bringing into this moment, all the Re-menbering’s from the entire trip. We will be bringing into this ceremony, individual DNA and Crystal Body changes experienced.
If allowed, and only ever, for the Highest Good of All, in-print into the Song Lines and Akashic Records, the Consciousness of this willing group of Humans.

May it once more, be recognized that a New Dream is desired by Humans and possible to achieve.

The stone setting now called ‘Adam’s Calendar’ was first brought to the publics attention in 2003 by pilot Johan Heine. The stones are arranged on the precipice of the Transvaal Escarpment overlooking the Waterval Boven Valley. The stones are all dolomite, weighing up to 5-tons each, and are claimed to have been transported from a distance to the site as the Escarpment itself is composed of Black Reef Quartzite, rich in gold. It is claimed that the stones would have originally stood in a circle, and that the remaining stones denote the cardinal points (off by 3°) and the rising/setting points of the solstice sun. In the centre of the ‘circle’ are two upright stones which are said to have been carved.

It is regularly claimed that ‘Adam’s Calendar’ is located on the same line of longitude as Giza and Great Zimbabwe. Using Google Earth’s lat/long grid Giza is approximately 45km west of the nearest Adam’s Calendar longitude line.
Picture from above of Adam’s Calendar

Needless to say the entire trip is a Sacred Journey into our past and will support the future.
Ceremony and ritual to be throughout the trip.

At this stage the cost of R15 000 is still approximate, and also depends on wether you choose to share or be in a single room, as well as other factors. We are just providing an approximate cost so that people can start to budget - but will let you know exact amount once we have numbers, so please let us know as soon as possible.

Costs included airfares from Cape Town to Johannesburg (Lanseria), and back to Cape Town and all transport during the trip. If you come from elsewhere (which you are totally welcome to, that transport to Lanseria will of course be excluded. Costs do not include meals, however all the places that we will be staying at, have the option to eat there.
Also along the way we will stop and get food and water as necessary.

Please feel free to email me if you have further questions, or would like to reserve a spot.



From 1.30pm to 3.30pm. It will run once a month, on a Saturday.

This would not be a “names” …… mind knowledge.
It will be completely focused on connecting with the crystal itself and how it relates personally to you.


The course is an exploration of a wide array of spiritual topics and tools. We will investigate topics from Auras and Energy and much more; more importantly, the aim is that you will experience them first hand, yourself, in your body. The aim of the course is also to assist you to restore the natural harmony of your body, mind and spirit in a supportive and fun way.

Course content:
· Meditation
· Energy
· Chakras, Auras and Energetic Bodies
· Visualisation
· Sound
· Colour
· Higher self
· Crystals
· Ascended Masters
· The Kingdoms
· The Four Elements
· Concepts: Shadow & Light, The Ascension, Energetic ties, Mass Consciousness

And much more :)

To join the course, please contact me:


This course aims at deep self development and soul alignment.
It is both practical and insightful of the energetic seen and unseen world.
The course is meant to be facilitating of change and understanding of self.
Even though there is a lot of mind information and understanding, the course is primarily geared at deep understanding of every day actions and therefore greater self awareness.

Many tools and methods of self healing and the healing of others is learned.

This course supports not only personal development, but also your ability to work with others

When through understanding and healing, one finds True Self, a deep Love for Self, and All living Beings occurs.
Ones steps on Mother Earth become a benediction”

Course layout includes:
Therapist Role
• Life Quadrants

•   Reflexology method & practice (opening up to intuitive healing)

•   Acupuncture meridians
•   Acupressure

•   Chakras and energetic healing

•   Energetic Bodies
•   Chakras Syatems 7,8,12,13

•   My physical posture (the physical and emotional significance of how I am in my     body)

The Spine

•   Language of the feet

•   Ageing
•   Disease
•   Universal Tubes
•   Soul Groups
•   Chakra Rewiring
•   Energetic systems
•   Energetic Ties
•   Contracts
•   Thought Forms
•   Entities
•   Aliens
•   Walk Ins

•   Ritual and protection
•   The merkaba
•   Anchoring 8 first life times

•   Numerology

•   The earth, ley lines and earthwork
•   Ley Lines / Earth Work

•   Protection

•   Meditations / Visualisations

•   Master Initiations

•   Regressions

•   Streams of Consciousness

•   Creation / Co-Creation

•   Various Concepts 
•   Time/Timing 
•   Pshycic/Seer/Prophet
•    Choice/Non Choice
•   Light and Shadow 
•   Change/Transformation/Transmutation
•   Potentials

•   Spiral of Evolution

•   Concious/Subconcious/Unconcious

•   Judgement/Discernment

•   Separation/Disconnectio/Sleepiness 

•   Understanding sexual energy and what goes with it

Practical healing training: we will learn about reflexology and the meridians, but mostly focus on energetic bodywork. This will include chakra balancing, rewiring and some “new” energetic systems you won’t find in the books. Whether you intend to become a healer or not, the healing dimension of the course will shift your consciousness profoundly. Which, as you know, will impact all areas of your life - relationships, work, finances, health and so on.

Energetic & Spiritual Concepts: Here we will look at - and experience - a spectrum of spiritual phenomena, like angels, masters, god/goddess energies and more. We will look at some of the spiritual systems of the world, finding commonalities, exploring paradigms, and more importantly, connecting with the powerful energies that underlie all the dogma. Also… numerology, sacred geometry, walk ins, conspiracy theories, ascension paradigms, human conscious and “where we are”, walk ins, karmic cycles, streams of energy. 8, 12 and 13 chakra systems, the four elements, light and shadow and much, much more…

Tools: Here we will look at very practical tools for increasing frequency, being joyful, and working through shadow and limitation. Methods investigated include ritual, journaling, spiritual protection, practical meditation methods, sacred sexuality and the ankh, shamanism, earthwork and connecting to the earth, lunar and solar connections, moving out of the head, grounding, and so on.

This course will happen every Saturday for 2 hours each week.

Please let me know if you have further questions, or would like to join for the year.