These are one day transformational workshops, normally on a Sunday. They run from 9am to 5pm, even possibly a little later. The intent for these workshops is to support people to move through their “constructs”. These constructs could be mental or emotional. They could be belief systems, thought forms, energetic ties and much more. The intensity of the workshop will facilitate an accelerated movement towards the breakdown, of said “constructs”. You will leave the workshop with new insights, clarity, or even release of such constructs. It depends at what point of the breakdown of these energies you are in. The workshop will allow you, through its intensity, to accelerate your movement towards knowing/understanding who you truly are.

These workshops always have a different theme, but are guaranteed to highlight and stir, what in your life stops you from achieving the realisation of your highest potential, in this life time. A highest potential, which is your divine right to achieve, with as much Joy, Love and Peace as possible.

The Energies of 2021, Galactic Family, Elementals, The Masters and The Rays

30th & 31st January 2021

This workshop will support you in understanding more clearly, how to navigate the year of 2021, in your own individual way.

We will be channelling in, quite specifically, the year of 2021 energies per quarters.

This brings clarity to the year ahead.
With the energies of the year being channelled in, the different potentials available in one’s life, become much more apparent.
This clarity potentials, allows for a more Soul aligned and smoother journey.

I have also been guided to bring in some Galactic Energies and Elemental Energies, specifically related to this time on the Earth’s Playground.

We’ll also be channelling in, energies of some Masters and some Rays, as guided.
Other energies will also be present, Pleidians, Hathors, Sirians and many more.
If guided, some of them will also be channelled in.
This will support you and bring more clarity to your direct relationship to each of them..

This workshop will support you with this and much more.


Saturday, 30th of January: 4.30 to 6.30pm and then
Sunday, 31st of January: 9.00am to 2.00pm

This will be over Zoom, but will also be available via recordings for those who cannot make the above times.

Those who enrol, will be receiving an e
mail detailing what to prepare for the weekend, as well as a Zoom meeting link, closer to the time.

Please email me if you would like to enroll or have further questions:

What would Love do?

27th & 28th February 2021

In the face of hurtful words.
What would Love do?
When you are disappointed.
What would Love do?
When it feels like it is all too much.
What would Love do?
When it feels that it is all too much.
What would Love do?

Under any circumstances, What would Love do?
Under any circumstances, Who do you rise to be?

Let yourself find out more about you.

Lets broaden, the possibilities, the potentials, the horizons, of what you could do (with Love).

Grief and Loss and to be Whole in it!

27th & 28th March

It happens when it happens, unexpectadely.
It is not something you prepare for.

And you still go on.
And it is possible to do so.
And to do so intact.
A little wiser.
A lot humbler.

And more then survive, live and thrive.

Come and explore yourself in it, with it.

Self Kindness

1st & 2nd May

Kindness is often so easily given to others.
Not as easily given to self.

And do we even really understand what it is.
And can we feel it?
Or it is just a belief?
That which we should do?

Lets together find out more about it, and how we can achieve more of it.
Because we can.

Divine Male/ Female

5th & 6th June

Such an important subject.
And in deep transition.

Within each one of us.
In our expression as Humanity.
And our interaction with Mother Earth.
The Galaxy.
Entire Universe.

The Balance required within, sets the tone, for all our interactions.

Do we even recognize, with shifts are required within ourselves?
And how to go about it?

Lets explore this, shift it and transition it, as much as we are able to.

Unity Conciousness

3rd & 4th July

So what is this Unity Consciousness?
I am sure each one of us, will have a slightly different definition.
Or maybe a big one.

But the feeling? At it’s Source? No difference!
The feeling, each one of us feels, will depend where we are at.
In our willingness to Remember.

In this workshop, let’s experience it.
Grow/wake a little further to it
And our own unique flavor, at this present moment, in this physical incarnation.

This deeply Transformational energy, always willing to support us.

Ageing Gracefully

9th & 10th October

Is this something that only the “older” ones need to explore?
Or is it important to understand it much better, no matter your age?
Specially in this youth absorbed culture, we live in.

Is it a mind set?
Is it how you look?
Or the beliefs you hold?
Is it a cultural shared belief?
How do you counter whatever it is?

Lets explore together, what does it mean.
What is important.
And to embrace it.
In your own unique flavour!


6th & 7th November

What does it mean?

You with You?

You and Others?

With 3rd Dimensional Beings?

Sentient Beings?

The 4 powed? Flying? Crawling?

You and All?

Where does it start? Where does it end?

Does it ever?

Lets expand in our ability to Co Create in every way you can.


In Pursuit of the Authentic Self

4th & 5th December

This is not a goal, something you achieve overnight, it is the walking everyday of a certain way of being.
Being closer and closer to one’s Authentic Self, with every action, every thought, every word and every feeling.

Within us, ALL lives.
Our Light and our Shadow….
Our Fears and our Wounds……
Our Joys and our Sorrows…..
What we Remember and what we have Forgotten……
It is how willing we are to see it ALL……….
That shows how Authentic we are…….
How do you find it? How do you get more of it? How to make space for it?
How to Be it?
Or is it already there?
And there is nothing to do?
Authenticity is the path that needs to be walked,*
to move ever closer to one’s Authentic Self.
Without the acknowledgement of every facet of self,
one’s Authentic Self cannot be achieved.
Come and find yourself a little closer to your Authentic Self!

Hoping to see you there

Midnight Ceremony
31st December

We will be connecting with the Crystals individually, connecting with the Crystalline Grid and with Mother Earth.

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Sacred Journey to Song Lines in Western Cape, South Africa

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Sacred Journey to Song Lines in Africa

The Majestic Gorillas in Uganda and Egypt

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