All Together!

From a deep space of no fear, no pain, no guilt and no sorrow.
A space of deep honoring for the choices of the past, the ones being made today and the ones that will be made in the future.
A space of complete trust for all that goes on in our life and for all that goes on, on the planet.

A space so Soul deep, that it recognizes, we together, are One.
And therefore, as One, powerful to influence humanity and the planet.
And from that space, of willingness, to participate and be active.

A space where we come together to dream a new dream!

A dream that recognizes the Divine within.
Within others and within self.
A dream that is already being lived by our Selfs.

A dream where, there is no less, no small, no hunger, and no pain.
A dream were Unity prevails.
Where love rules,
And All is Divine!

A dream where All are loved.
The four legged and all that crawl.
The ones who swim and the ones who fly.
The plants and the crystals and the elementals.

Love for the forests and the deserts
The rivers and the oceans
The seen and the unseen

Letting them know that they are loved and that we know they are pure love
Just as we are!

Let this new dream prevail
The dream of love and unity!
And All is Divine!

Dora 25122013