Earthwork -Sacred Journey to Song Lines in South Africa

From the 9th -13th September 2017, a group of us embarked on a magical trip:

We visited sites that put us on strong entry points, to what used to be called “Song Lines”.
In my remembered history, the Peleidians, amongst others, had great input into this arrangement of powerful energy lines.
These are composed of powerful conglomerates of crystals.
These Song Lines are at times buried deeply into Mother Earth and often more at the surface of Her physical body.
These Song Lines, encompass dimensions. They are not only in the 3rd dimension.
They will be will be more visible and more willing to be interacted with, as our frequency, Humanity, increases.
They are called Song Lines, for many reasons.
One of course is the fact, that Sound interacts powerfully with them.
Another is they, in itself emit a Sound that is carried throughout the Planet and continuously interacts and calibrates the energy of the Planet.

You may ask, why visit them?
To commune, be impacted and if permitted, impact through , prayer and intention, as appropriate, the Highest for “All”.

We visited the Wonder Cave, then went on to a small village called Kaapsehoop, with wild horses, beautiful nature, and a relaxing atmosphere. Here, we visited a few sacred sites - Adam’s Calender (A formation of stones made up of dolomite, weighing up to 5-tons each, that are claimed to have been transported from a distance to the site as the Escarpment itself is composed of Black Reef Quartzite, rich in gold. It is claimed that the stones would have originally stood in a circle, and that the remaining stones denote the cardinal points (off by 3°) and the rising/setting points of the solstice sun. In the centre of the ‘circle’ are two upright stones which are said to have been carved.

It is regularly claimed that ‘Adam’s Calendar’ is located on the same line of longitude as Giza and Great Zimbabwe. Using Google Earth’s lat/long grid Giza is approximately 45km west of the nearest Adam’s Calendar longitude line. We also visited Moon Rock and the Guardian, as well as a sacred waterfall.

From Kaapsehoop, we went on to see the White Lions. The White Lions are considered to be Star Beings. Bringing the heralding of a new way for Humanity.
If we choose to listen to our Divine Essence. If we follow the calling of our Heart!

These Star Beings are still standing as the protectors for Humankind.
From the beginning of the populating of the Earth. Then already they stood knowingly and decidedly, believing this Journey, between The Mother and the Children. That this would be an Evolution of the understanding of the Path of Unconditional Love. As one of other energetic expansions of Consciousness.

Many ancient cultures acknowledge not just the White Lions, but also other white animals, as a manifestation of a Higher Consciousness.
The Song Line, of which the Timbavati is a part of, is a line that connects powerful and significant sites in other parts of the world.
From Table Mountain, to Adam’s Calendar, up the Timbavati, onto the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, all the way to the Lizard in Cornwall, to Machu Pichu and Lake Ticaca in Peru. To name a few.
This Song Line pulsates with the Heart beat of the Planet.

Here, we communed with the White Lions, as our brothers and sisters. All of us, from the Stars!

Our last, but certainly not least visit was the Sudwala Caves.
The Caves themselves were formed about 240 million years ago

Caves are of great significance to me. Besides the powerful Earth element, they are that much closer to the Mother. In a cave we are not only in her energetic body, but also within her physical one.
This supported us in integrating and grounding our experiences of the trip.

Needless to say the entire trip was a Sacred Journey into our past and will support the future.
Ceremony and ritual was performed throughout the trip.

We are planning another one (with a few variations for 2018).

Please email me should you desire more information.