So here we are 10 days later, from arriving on this epic trip!
After lockdown and rearranging and organizing 6 or 7 times, this entire trip, we Made it!
A little bit, or at times lots, of groaning and moaning, over Cape Nature Reserve, hikes closed/opened, (it changed often).

Accommodations already booked and sometimes paid for, no longer opened, or not yet.
Many rules about how many vans were required. The answers varied, depending on who we wanted to listen to.
Traveling across Provinces allowed to? No? Yes?
Enough said about that!

It was all WORTH IT!!!!!
Well, at least I think so.
If anyone disagrees, let me know

So let me share some of this Sacred Journey, that 30 Physical Beings shared.

I am well aware that I have not written about the trip to France and England. Totally connected with the Song Lines and where 22 people chose to embark on a 20 day Sacred Journey.
Maybe soon I will write about it. I will say though that many of the places where we made Ceremony on this trip were connected to France and England trip. As wells our previous Sacred Journeys.

So 6 days on the go.
Multiple ceremonies every day in Sacred Sites.
Early Sun rises, hiking and more hiking.
Beautiful refreshing water to swim in. Most amazing caves.
Beautiful people.
Mother Earth!

As I hoped, guidance accompanied us all the way, in the most gentle way.
The elements of Earth and Water, were an integral part of this trip.
The communion with the Song Lines was profound.
Connecting dots on the Divine Map, of Sacred Energy.
Allowing ourselves to be a little more Awakened.
Hopefully showing up in the best way we could, as a sample of Humanity, dedicated to the Co Creation with All.
Deep Heart Centeredness between the Mother, the Father and the Children was present all the way!
The opportunity to Center more fully, in one’s Divine Feminine and Masculine always available, if the time was appropriate.

Always my absolute Gratitude, for those who willingly embark on these Sacred Journeys, with me and the Mother and Her place in the Galaxy.
For the Gentlest, Most Hopeful, Heart Centered Potential for All.

From my Awakened Heart
Dora 28102020

Here are some of the very many photos and videos taken on this journey:

image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg