On Sunday, many attended my Self Love Workshop. Each participant was asked to make a promise to themselves, a promise that they could actually keep and action. The ‘contract’ to themselves was signed and folded and signed again. Here are a few of the promises that were written… My hope is that perhaps they inspire you or stir you.. More will be added over the course of the next week. Thank you to the brave souls that agreed to have their promises published on the website :) Enjoy!

*My promise to myself today was a picture but the words that went along with it were: “I promise to nurture this blue flame of self-love and the unfolding that I feel within.

*My Promise to me:
I promise to practice my morning ritual each morning.
I promise to make choices that are self loving even if they are choices I do not want to do but am aware from a higher loving conscious that these choices are self loving.
I promise to listen to my inner voice that encourages me to be self loving.
I promise to be patient with myself.

To be open to receiving love that is healthy, good and pure.

*To forgive myself by mourning the parts of me that are lost, and by retrieving and embracing the fragments - to get back to Wholeness.

*Promise to self:
I am embracing the Universal Truth that we are all One as much as I can…more and more each day

*I promise to be soft but strong

*My promise:
I promise to walk step by step day by day closer to self love, closer to me.
And to consciously let go of things that keep me from loving myself.
To make choices from a more self loving space
To try to listen and recognise the messages along the way.
To be kind, gentle and forgiving towards myself.

*I promise to feel gratitude everyday and slowly begin the process of loving more passionately

*My promise to self…
To light a candle each day to help me connect ever deeper with my core flame and to acknowledge and feel self-love…even just for a moment.

*Dear Self,
First of all i want to thank you for this opportunity, for the people in my world who support me, for my many teachers, for this community, for the opening i feel in my heart. My promise to you is that i will not veer from this journey; that i will stay true in my quest to know you, to love you, to honor you. I promise to continue what i have already started. My commitment is stronger, my acceptance of my stumbling is greater, my eyes are open. I am awake. Thank You.

*I promise that every day, as best as I can, I will treat myself as kindly and lovingly as I would treat someone I truly love. I will show myself the love that I show them.

*I promise to keep experiencing JOY and AWE, in dots that are connected
and connections that are made…
moments that lead me and have lead me
to where I am and where I’m going
To be authentic

*My Promise to Self - Stop and be aware when it’s self love vs indulgence, honestly!

*I promise to continue practicing this path of self love as best I can
In gratitude