And so what is it, that keeps it going and going and going?
That flame of Hope in ones Heart, that never dies?

It sometimes wavers and flutters.
But it never ever goes completely out.

And At the smallest possibility, it springs alert and awake.

In a Planet where so often, people are careless with each other.
The elderly are disregarded and the children go hungry.
Animals are abused and greed is the order of the day.

What is it that keeps Hope alive?

An innocence of Heart?
A naïveté of mind?

The Broken Hearts mend.
The Tired bodies heal.
The Restless souls find peace.

The eyes look around once more.
The ears are ready to pick up, on any melody.
Lips turn up and smile.

Once more, one is aware, of delicate butterflies
Flowers that are ready to bloom and a birds song

What is it that keeps Hope alive?

Might it be that Compassion lives here too?
And Gratitude and Grace and Love?

The flame in the Heart grows stronger
And Hope Springs Eternal!

Dora 03042014