I am a conscious energy channel, a sound and space shifter.

I work with consciousness levels, by shifting the present consciousness level, to a higher consciousness level. Be that on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. I do this in my practice individually and in groups.

My purpose is to tap into people’s innate potential to create a spiritually motivated society in which conscious evolution is the purpose, and where we can co-create to be a Universal Humanity.

I attempt to do this as well through my Earth work, where I interact with ley lines, the crystalline grid of the Earth and the Christ Consciousness grid or Unity grid.

I work with the Earth at the level of its position within the Galaxy. I work intimately with my Galactic Family. Also with the Ascended Masters and The Archangels. I channel and Embody the Female aspect of Christ Consciousness. With these tools I map-make new ways on Planet Earth in a way that is broadcast into the Cosmos.

I do this with as much honouring, integrity and authenticity that I can master in this human expression of my Highest Potential.

Now proudly introducing

AYA Centre

Bringing people together in a Heart centered way.
Supporting the continuous development of one’s Authentic Self.

Transformational Therapies:


Sound Journey

17th November

Come and enjoy being held by sound, moved by sound, and transformed by sound.
Experience 2 and a half hours of different sounds and channelled sounds, allowing your hearing senses to be the bridge towards more of you within.

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Compassion versus Empathy!

Workshop postponed

For others? For self? For the Earth?

Is it possible to do one without the other?

Lets find out more and care for All!

See you there.

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In the Pursuit of the Authentic Self

1st December

This is not a goal, something you achieve overnight, it is the walking everyday of a certain way of being.
Being closer and closer to one’s Authentic Self, with every action, every thought, every word and every feeling

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Midnight Ceremony

31st December


Sacred Journey to Song Lines in South Africa

TBC 2019


This is an invitation, for those who feel called, to join.

We will be visiting sites that put us on strong entry points, to what used to be called “Song Lines”.
In my remembered history, the Peleidians, amongst others, had great input into this arrangement of powerful energy lines.
These are composed of powerful conglomerates of crystals.
These Song Lines are at times buried deeply into Mother Earth and often more at the surface of Her physical body.
These Song Lines, encompass dimensions. They are not only in the 3rd dimension.
They will be will be more visible and more willing to be interacted with, as our frequency, Humanity, increases.
They are called Song Lines, for many reasons.
One of course is the fact, that Sound interacts powerfully with them.
Another is that they, in themselves emit a Sound that is carried throughout the Planet and continuously interacts and calibrates the energy of the Planet.

You may ask, why visit them?
To commune, be impacted and if permitted, impact, through, prayer and intention, as appropriate, the Highest for “All”

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Sacred Journey to Song Lines in France!

23rd of September to 6th of October 2019

Following the footsteps of the Magdalene. Clearing and connecting Song Lines in South France and South of Africa


Wednesday Evening Gatherings

This group meets every Wednesday evening. Energies are channeled to transform ourselves and mass consciousness.
There are many tools used, eg. male/female balance, sacred geometry, etc.

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Crystals Course

From 4pm to 6pm. It will run once a month, on a Saturday.

This would not be a “names” …… mind knowledge.
It will be completely focused on connecting with the crystal itself and how it relates personally to you.

Upcoming Dates:

26th October - cancelled
23rd November


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13 Week Introduction to Spiritual Development Course

The course is an exploration of a wide array of spiritual topics and tools. The primary aim of this course is to connect you consciously to your own inner guidance, your Authentic Self, your Heart space. Also to increase the frequency of your physical and energetic bodies. Many practical tools will be utilised to do so. The aim of the course is also to assist you to restore the natural harmony of your body, mind and spirit in a supportive and fun way.

The course runs on a Tuesday evening from 7pm-9pm.
The next one begins 13th August, 2019, from 7pm-9pm in Bergvliet.

An open evening will be held on Tuesday, 26th November, 2019, from 7pm-9pm for anyone interested in knowing more
Next course: Feb 2020

All are welcome to join. Please email me on dora@dora.am if you would like to join.

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1 Year Healing Course

Next one begins: August 2019
When: Every Saturday for one year, 2 hours every Saturday

This course aims at deep self development and soul alignment.
It is both practical and insightful of the energetic seen and unseen world.

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