I am a conscious energy channel, a sound and space shifter.

I work with consciousness levels, by shifting the present consciousness level, to a higher consciousness level. Be that on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. I do this in my practice individually and in groups.

My purpose is to tap into people’s innate potential to create a spiritually motivated society in which conscious evolution is the purpose, and where we can co-create to be a Universal Humanity.

I attempt to do this as well through my Earth work, where I interact with ley lines, the crystalline grid of the Earth and the Christ Consciousness grid or Unity grid.

I work with the Earth at the level of its position within the Galaxy. I work intimately with my Galactic Family. Also with the Ascended Masters and The Archangels. I channel and Embody the Female aspect of Christ Consciousness. With these tools I map-make new ways on Planet Earth in a way that is broadcast into the Cosmos.

I do this with as much honouring, integrity and authenticity that I can master in this human expression of my Highest Potential.

Now proudly introducing

AYA Centre

Bringing people together in a Heart centered way.
Supporting the continuous development of one’s Authentic Self.

Transformational Therapies:


Masters, Rays and 2020 quarters

26th January

This workshop will support you in understanding more clearly, how to navigate the year of 2020, in your own individual way.

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Compassion versus Empathy!

23rd February

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21st & 22nd March


26th April


31st May

The Great Gathering

24, 25, 26th July

Divine Female/Male/Unity

12th & 13th September

Self Honesty

8th November

Authentic Self

6th December

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Midnight Ceremony

31st December


Sacred Journey to Song Lines in South Africa

30th April - 5th May 2020


Please respond by the end of the week, as deposit for accommodations have to be paid, specially in the Garden Route