Earthwork - Song Lines - Southern Africa 2018

Today 09102018, is exactly 13 days, after arriving from a most amazing Earthwork 2018 trip!
I feel I am ready to share some of the experiences from this trip.

This is my third year, doing this trip.
First time, was remembering the matrix of these places on Earth. And to let these places remember me.
To gently awaken us both.
And you could say the Earth, its place in the Galaxy, Humanity and me.

The second trip 28 of us, August/September last year, answered the call.
This was not just a gentle remembering. This was already an awakening of these places, a more determined,
“Come, wake up! It is eventually time to have these Song Lines, not only there as the record of the Plan, but to have them start to come more and more to the surface, to be interacted with.
For all to remember!
The Plan that was a Hope, of things to come. Possibilities!
And Now is the time!
So we visited many places in Mpumalanga/South Africa. Amongst them the Cradle of Humankind, Adam’s Calendar, the White Lions and their energies and many other places.
There were Sacred places being reawakened. And portals to be found.
Sacred places on Earth, waiting for Humans to hear the Calling and for Humans to further awaken to the Calling within and therefore interact with these Sacred places on Earth, that would therefore further activate the Sacred Places.
Divine Osmosis!

Africa, primarily the south of Africa, as always been a place of New Beginnings.
This is certainly facilitated by the fact that Table Mountain, Spinner Wheel for the Earth element, is located at this place in the globe.
For all who understand, the Earth element, facilitates new beginnings. Which of course supports the resolution and completion of the old, as a consequence of moving into new beginnings.
Amazing Alchemical Transformational Energy!

On the third trip, 32 people answered the call, of this now more awakened energy of the Song Lines and Southern Africa.
This trip was much more intense. It was not only “Come wake up. Make the energy more available and to the surface.”
This was connecting some Sacred Sites, to other Sacred Sites. Also the opening of some portals and activation.
It was also the communion with the ancient energy of the African Elephants and the energy of Sirius, through the White Lion Star Beings.

I am deeply aware of the ability of the African Elephants, to help ancient memories in all of us. Memories to do with the abuse of power, of Beings over Human Beings. And through the Wisdom of Compassion and Forgiveness to open our Hearts.

And the energy of the White Lions of pure, unwavering Unconditional Love to further open us up, in a Heart Centered way.
Many other Sacred Sites were visited and the remembrance, anchoring, integration and further awakening, of these African Song Lines were broadcasted.

I am deeply aware that many, all over the World, will be receiving the Calling to come to this place on Mother Earth and allow these energies to support Alchemical Transformation.
It will be Heart warming to witness, those who hear the Calling and respond.

I myself am very aware that my Journey with these Song Lines in Southern Africa, are taking me back to my very beginning when Sirians, Peleidians and Hathors to name a few, anchored these magnificent energies on Planet Earth.
Energies of Hope for a United, Unconditionally Loving, Heart Centered Way of Being.

From my Awakened Heart
Dora 09102018

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