Midnight Ceremony 2017 - 2018

To those who arrived willing to be present to themselves and the space, my deep gratitude. From my Heart!!

Sound and bell

Welcome to the seen and the unseen!
Welcome to this third dimensional space!
And the space beyond!
Welcome to your third dimensional bodies!
And all else, that you also are!
Welcome to the elementals which we invite here today.
The elements, Air, Water, Fire, Earth.
The angelic realm.
The ancestors and guides that support you.
Welcome to our Galactic Family, which I am always so grateful to have presentL
Another year, one ending and another beginning.
It is just a date.
But with all our intentions and all the thoughts and the belief systems, the consciousness that surrounds these dates, they become powerful.
If you wish to, this power gives you strength.
The support is available to you.
The more conscious you are about it, the more it will support you.
The less conscious you are about it, the more it will, possibly, unbalance you.
So, take time to be clear as best as you know how, about who you are, who you have been, who you which to be.
That which you know you are and have yet to step into.
What is it that you want to step into?
One might say it is such a big question.
How does one even begin to answer, to know.
But what if you don’t (ask)?
Would that be, what you would which for yourself?
Would avoiding, be the answer? Because it seems too big?
After all, you Are!
There is no avoiding that!
There is no running from it!
There is only, refining it!

And so we have had quite a run of energetics, since the 22nd of December 2012!
The energies just keep on increasing and pumping up and growing, in its intensity.
It is like being in the sea, wether you acknowledge it or not, you will get wet!
It is all around!

Of course, there is always that beautiful thing called choice.
There is always going to be waves in the sea!
How you choose to swim, or not swim, or float, or struggle.
There are all those choices!

I would be surprised if 2018, is of any less intensity.
It is just to decide, what kind of intensity you wish for.

I, this vehicle, incarnated at this point in time, still choose, to be in gratitude.
To do this, as gracefully, as I can possibly do it.
To honor myself.
To see joy in every thing, that surrounds me.
Inner beauty!
I wish for my footsteps, to lovingly step on Mother Earth.
Acting towards others, in the way I would wish, they would act towards me.
My choice is to be of service.

I choose to live my life!
What do you choose?

I choose that the tears that flow down my face, are because I live!
That the smile on my lips, is because I live!
I live to the extent, that I can possibly achieve in this vehicle.
I choose to make a difference!
First to myself and then, to those who surround me.
What do you choose?

I choose to be fulfilled!
I choose to be, a little more of me everyday!
To the best of my capacity!
Without pretense!
Stepping, one step at a time, but always in the same direction.
I choose to be in love with myself!
What do you choose?

I wish, that we step upon the Earth, firmly but gently
I wish that the Air that surrounds is warm and pure.
I wish that the Waters in our body and around us, are truly Divine.
And most of all I wish that the Fire in Our Hearts is one that never dies.
And all Unconditional Love.
This is my prayer!

I invite you to speak your own intention, your own prayer, your own thoughts.
If you wish.

My intentions for 2018 and for the next three years, is to embody and to awaken to my Souls essence. My souls technology. My souls wisdom and knowledge. And to bring this through into my body, so I may share it with the world. To completely become free on all levels. And to go to th nest level of embodying, self love, self care, self respect, and practice this energy daily so I can be focused on creating health on all levels. Emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically. I also ask for my property to sell for the highest possible amount, and for the right property to become available to create a healing sanctuary. A healing Centre, to ground my work and to create a safe space for people to come for healing and support
And I want to say a big thank you to Amma, Mother Mira and to Dora for all the support and guidance and love. Thank you.

My intention is to continue on my Souls path. For the highest good, in service of my Soul, in service of Mother Earth and Humanity. And I ask that my Heart be opened, that I feel gratitude for the smallest things. The joy of being alive. And to be grounded and in my truth, and to shine. Thank you for the space Dora.

It is my intention to tread lightly, in the coming year and be as gentle as I can with myself. I intend to keep on letting go of that which is ready to leave, and to welcome the more of me that is ready to come home. I really am in owe of this magnificent experience which is my life. And I intend to live it to the highest potential that I possibly can. I do this for the highest good and the highest good of all beings everywhere. I also party for Africa and her healing on all different levels this is something that is very close to my heart at the moment. And I would just like to affirm That I am in the Light , for the Light and by the Light and I am not afraid of who I am. Thank you very much for the space everybody and have a beautiful year. Thank you

It is my intention to continue into to 2018 on this path of self discovery of myself, of who I am. And trust and love and respect for myself and others. Thank you

It is my intention to continue on my journey of learning more about myself. And I intend to do it, gracefully and with love and gratitude. And to enjoy this experience and I intend to let go of the limitations that I have put upon myself and I intend to let go of them with gratitude. Thank you

My intention for 2018, this next year, is to show up for my souls journey and my humans journey and to marry the two. I am very grateful for the space. Thank you

My intention is to keep going on this path towards my highest destiny, with courage, love, determination, nobility and to keep discovering more of me , with courage, love and determination and acceptance and I am just very grateful for me, for the space, for Dora, for everyone in our community. Thank you

I intend that in 2018 I will allow myself to be seen. I intend to embody my power, my gifts, my self love at the next level that I am at. I intend to do this with joy and love and deep gratitude and acceptance. I am extremely grateful for walking my path and for overcoming and learning and discovering more of me and letting go of parts of me who no longer serve me. And I intend to ask for myself and to ask for support that I continue to do this gently and to continue to let go of what no longer serves me with ease and effortlessness. I intend to love more, play more, have fun more and to actually start living the new me with courage . I am extremely grateful for Dora and the community. I just want to say thank you

My intention is to continue uncovering my light and my shadow with compassion and understanding. To continue falling deeper in love with myself and all around me. And to continue mastering more and learning more about creation in all of its forms. And thank you for the space to do that.Thank you

I express deep gratitude for the abundance and good fortune available for me to live my highest potential as per my destiny

My intention is to keep it quite simple in the new year. To accept all of me. My shadow and my light. And to shine.so I can be truly me. And have the courage to show who I am.

My intention is to continue to show up for my light this year, courage and lightness and to live with an open heart. Thank you Dora for your support and kindness.
Thank you for this community and this space.

My intention is to express myself as authentically as possible this year. To be more courageous and to be gentle in this

Is everyone done?

I would like to acknowledge the ancestors support today. It is so strong!

Anyone else? No?
Could you please really, really, really surrender to loving yourself!!!
All of you!
And when you don’t understand what is going on in your life, it has purpose and you on some level have chosen for that, to be the case
I can’t tell you how important that will be.
That it is important, how everyday, that you can love every little bit. The big bits, the small bits and the bits in between, that happen to you. All have purpose and all are significant.
So at this point, I want to say, thank you for the Seen and the Unseen.
Thank you to you, who made the time to gather together.
I want to say thank you to my son. Who so very quietly, facilitates so much of what I am able to do, because of that support.
And thank You for showing up.
I Love You!

Let’s make sound together!
Sound and bell

From my Heart the greatest Gratitude!
Dora, the Seen and the Unseen