Promises from Self Love Workshop

On Sunday, many attended my Self Love Workshop. Each participant was asked to make a promise to themselves, a promise that they could actually keep and action. The ‘contract’ to themselves was signed and folded and signed again. Here are a few of the promises that were written… My hope is that perhaps they inspire you or stir you.. More will be added over the course of the next week. Thank you to the brave souls that agreed to have their promises published on the website :) Enjoy!

*My promise to myself today was a picture but the words that went along with it were: “I promise to nurture this blue flame of self-love and the unfolding that I feel within.

*My Promise to me:
I promise to practice my morning ritual each morning.
I promise to make choices that are self loving even if they are choices I do not want to do but am aware from a higher loving conscious that these choices are self loving.
I promise to listen to my inner voice that encourages me to be self loving.
I promise to be patient with myself.

To be open to receiving love that is healthy, good and pure.

*To forgive myself by mourning the parts of me that are lost, and by retrieving and embracing the fragments - to get back to Wholeness.

*Promise to self:
I am embracing the Universal Truth that we are all One as much as I can…more and more each day

*I promise to be soft but strong

*My promise:
I promise to walk step by step day by day closer to self love, closer to me.
And to consciously let go of things that keep me from loving myself.
To make choices from a more self loving space
To try to listen and recognise the messages along the way.
To be kind, gentle and forgiving towards myself.

*I promise to feel gratitude everyday and slowly begin the process of loving more passionately

*My promise to self…
To light a candle each day to help me connect ever deeper with my core flame and to acknowledge and feel self-love…even just for a moment.

*Dear Self,
First of all i want to thank you for this opportunity, for the people in my world who support me, for my many teachers, for this community, for the opening i feel in my heart. My promise to you is that i will not veer from this journey; that i will stay true in my quest to know you, to love you, to honor you. I promise to continue what i have already started. My commitment is stronger, my acceptance of my stumbling is greater, my eyes are open. I am awake. Thank You.

*I promise that every day, as best as I can, I will treat myself as kindly and lovingly as I would treat someone I truly love. I will show myself the love that I show them.

*I promise to keep experiencing JOY and AWE, in dots that are connected
and connections that are made…
moments that lead me and have lead me
to where I am and where I’m going
To be authentic

*My Promise to Self - Stop and be aware when it’s self love vs indulgence, honestly!

*I promise to continue practicing this path of self love as best I can
In gratitude

Female Christ Consciousness and the Grids Workshop-16062013

I am so grateful for yesterday. Such amazing people.
I feel stretched, I feel fulfilled, I feel my own growth.
I repeat myself, I am so grateful.
Thank you for making it possible.

Together as one, is how it happens.


Ascended Masters Workshop 10022013

So much Gratitude
To all that showed up
Be it seen or unseen
Eternally Grateful!…….

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All Past Workshops

The following is a list of some of the Transformational Workshops which I have run in the past.

TRUST Workshop

It is essential you know with as much integrity as possible
where you lack trust at both a conscious and unconscious level.

You will be creating from these places and your life/future will reflect this
The sooner you confront, understand and start to heal these places
the sooner your Authentic Self will be allowed to emerge delightfully.

~~~~~~~To trust completely means that every single thing,
your life presents you with, you are not only ok with,
not only accept, not only surrender to,
but in fact celebrate fully. ~~~~~~~~

Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshop

Hosted by: Dora Dias
Start: April 5 2013 End: April 8 20123
Cape Town, AYA Centre
On my journey of Self discovery,one of the tools that I have mostly resonated with, is the path/journey of the Heart. The journey from the “little self”, to the “Self/All”.?Drunvalo Melchizedek has definitely further inspired that path and I resonate deeply with it. I have been working with Drunvalo and his knowingness for about 13 years. Have joined him on many workshops and his travels to Rapa Nui and Morea, to anchor Female Christ Consciousness and work with the Earth.?This led to me attending and becoming a certified teacher of his latest knowledge. ?The workshop “Awakening the Illuminated Heart”, of the School of Remembrance. ?Even though I ran my own workshops, I was guided to travel to the United States and bring these teachings into the continent of Africa.?I feel deeply honored to have the opportunity to do so and am deeply grateful, to Drunvalo’s willingness to share himself with Earth’s

In pursuit of the Authentic Self: 2/12/2012

Within us, ALL lives. Our Light and our Shadow….Our Fears and our Wounds……Our Joys and our Sorrows…..
What we Remember and what we have Forgotten……
It is how willing we are to see it ALL……….
That shows how Authentic we are…….

Awakening the Illuminated heart: 12/10/2012

Drunvalo Melchizedek has now created the School of Remembering. The culmination of his entire life’s work will be completed in this school.
This new school goes far beyond the Mer-Ka-Ba to the
complete understanding of the human consciousness
revolution that is now occurring. It is a living-ness process.
This 4 day workshop will teach you how to connect the Mer-Ka-Ba directly to the Sacred Space of the Heart. A person’s life becomes interconnected to all life, everywhere and moves into higher consciousness naturally.

Male/female: 9/9/2012

The eternal quest!
It lies within you as an individual
And also, is as ancient as the Planet has been alive.
It is carried by mass consciousness. It is carried in our galactic and physical genetic codes.
It stems from the need of the survival of the species.
It stems from a deep knowingness that you are “the one half of the whole”.
Allow yourself to delve deeper into the very roots of your Soul!

Fear: 12/08/2012

This ‘Fear’ Workshop allows you to have a better understanding of those blind spots that we keep on avoiding……
But most importantly, it supports you in being Grateful for your fear! Just like anything else it is only there to support you in knowing yourself.
It focuses on how to positively use that which at a first glance seems negative.

Love: 15/7/2012

What does it mean to you? (Yes there are many “types” of love.)
How far does your love go?
Find out if you love from fear or if you Love from the Heart.
How vulnerable do you allow your self to be? What does the word intimacy mean to you, make you feel?
The workshop will also provide the space for you to change, transform and stretch.

So much Gratitude for the 31 beings that cane together and were brave enough,
to explore the many fears, emotions, feeling and delights
around the very charged word “Love”.
Thank you from my Heart.
I Am because you Are

Sound: 17/6/2012

Sound very effortlessly empowers you to speak your TRUTH more clearly.
The truth that we often hide from our own selfs. Taking you to a more authentic self.
Sound impacts every facet of our being. It touches us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
Sound has the mystical ability to restore harmony in objects, people and the environment.
The results obtained are real and lasting.
The human body is more than 60 percent water. Blood is 92 percent water, the brain and muscles are 75 percent water, and bones are about 22 percent water. … Need i say more? :)

Ascension: 24/4/2012

What is it?
Are you ready?
How do you prepare?
Do you want to?
Where and how can you support Yourself the Earth and Humanity?

Surrender: 18/3/2012

And who are you surrendering to?
Faith? Destiny?
Mass Consciousness?
Your Ego? Your Soul?
Do you have a choice? And if you do, are you choosing?

To the 34 seen Beings so much Gratitude.
To all the unseen Ones, so much Love.
Immense Joy in the journey together!
Meeting the Ascended Masters: 12/02/2012

In pursuit of the Authentic Self: 4/12/2011

Authenticity is the path that needs to be walked,*
to move ever closer to one’s Authentic Self.

Without the acknowledgement of every facet of self,
one’s Authentic Self cannot be achieved.

To all the 33 seen beings, from my Heart, much love.
Thank you for “playing”.

To all the unseen ones my endless gratitude.
I Love you.

And for more pictures of intentions. Thank you very much Kim!

Co-Creation: 06/11/2011

What a beautiful day to spend my sunday :D

Once more i walk away from a workshop feeling,
Absolutely grateful!
Completely fulfilled!

I am so lucky. I learn so much!

Thank you for allowing me to do this journey with all of you!

With all my Heart!
Much Love!

Sound: 4/09/2011

In the Heart: 31/07/2011

I AM so Grateful.

To the 42 seen Beings…..
And all the unseen ones.
You make it possible for me to express my Highest Expression on this planet.
Everyday a little bit more.
My Highest Expression for the Highest Good of All.

From my Heart…….


-As I love it,It loves me back.
-Because I choose, it is so.
-To anchor more of who I AM.
-It’s time for me to breakfree and be me!
-Practice. Patience. Perseverance.
-TRUST what IS.
-Believe. And keep bravely putting one foot in front of the other.
-RELEASE.I need to release myself, I need to release my stored pain, I need to release my creativity,
I need to release my power, I need to release myself from my history, I need to release my heart so it
can grow… there are so many things I can use this word for, so I use it completely alone as it means
so much.
-To “release” my fears..
To “allow” my tears..
To “follow” my heart..
From the very start.
To let my Inner beauty shine
Knowing.. I’ll be just fine.
To “learn” to love myself..
not to leave the “good stuff” on the shelf.
To be Brave and True..
Not just for ME..
But also.. for all of YOU
- I AM self-love
-I commit
to keep it simple
to trust my soul
to allow the sweetness in

Earth Changes (Arkansas) : 16/07/2011

Meeting the Masters: 22/05/2011

Earth Changes: 17/4/2011

Be aware that in your deep unconscious lies much fear from previous cataclysmic Earth changes.
In every individual’s Soul history, there is deep fear around this.
The collective, likewise carries deep fear, for every single cataclysm that has happened in the history of Earth and humanity.

The most efficient weapon you have, to do battle with your subconscious, is your conscious choice to heal and shed any and every fear you carry.

Remember that the entire world changes, when each human, one by one, bravely stands and takes responsibility for Self.
Responsibility for every one of its choices.

Standing bravely as a Creator.
Better even, as Co-creators.

In the Heart: 20/03/2011

Meeting the Masters: 12/12/2010

In the Heart: 14/11/2010

Sound Workshop: 12/9/2010


Time and time again….
Soul asks….
This one respondes….

The need from Soul for the 3rd dimentional expression to be available….
And it is….

How lucky Am i?
That another 22 Beings also heard and responded.


Awakening the Illuminated Heart in Cape Town 12092012

To all the beautiful people who followed their Hearts…….

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Meeting the Ascended Masters Workshop 12022012

To All that were present my immense Gratitude!……..

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Crystals Course 12th November 2011

Thank you to all the beings, humans and crystalline.
And has always thank you to Mother Earth…….

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Sound Workshop Sounds

Far and Deep

Hopes and Dreams

Sound Workshop 04092011

And another beautiful day………..

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Crystals Course 13082011

When i was asked to run a Crystals course i really hesitated……

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Earth Changes Workshop 17th of April 2011

From my Heart…………

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Female Workshop 10th October 2010

Once more 33 females came together, to understand themselves a bit better……………..

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Sound Workshop 12 August 2010

To all 30 of us :) ……

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Water: The Path of Feeling Workshop 1st August 2010

Another remarkable day.
Thank you to all. The seen and the unseen.
Much gratitude…….

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Female Workshop June 2010

Once more 33 females came together, to bravely explore more of themselves……..

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