Start of ceremony
Sound of.bell
So we want to welcome the Seen and the Unseen.the elementals, the elements, air, water, fire, earth.
Many crystalline families, the Ascended Masters, our galactic family.
Our ancestors. You, who have made time to be here today.
Incarnated in these physical bodies.
A soul who is willing to experience this third dimension.
Bringing heaven to earth through these physical bodies
May peace be with you
We are saying goodbye to a year and welcoming the other
May I suggest, that no matter what crosses your path this coming year, you trust, you are grateful.
For every path you walk is of your choice.
So whatever that maybe, honor it by trusting it.
But also attempt to understand yourself.
What makes you walk here, instead of there.
What moves you in a specific direction.
This is something, that would be in your own interest, to be clearer about
This is something that in your understanding, with great honesty, can lead you into being more of yourself.
And truly this is why you are here on earth.
To every day understand yourself a little bit better and to do it with joy
2015 has been an intense year.
I want to say, that 2016 will be equally, if not more so, intense.
But that intensity, can be joyful or chaotic depending how much you choose to support yourself and what path you choose to take.
Because this planet is a planet of free will.
Part of the growth, part of the evolution, comes from being able to choose.
Do you choose with your heart, or do you choose with your mind.
When the Choice is made from mind and doubt and fear, the path is always tougher.
When the choices are made for a heart centered place, the path illuminates before you and it is easier to see where you walk and your steps are lighter.
And you shine.
When you shine, the same events in your life are felt differently.
When you follow your heart, you shine.
I hope that my words, those that I am being guided to speak, in some way, support you.
I hope that your path is paved with peace and grace and joy.
That your path leads you closer to whom you truly are.
That you are brave and courageous, to shine your light without any fear.
Or when you are afraid, because you are in a human body, that you are brave enough to overcome it and you walk towards your soul, anyway.
2016 is definitely going to lead to great transformation.
Great transformation always brings great joy, or its polar opposite.
So choose wisely.
Choose to be guided by your heart
I, now, dora, in this physical body, want to say once more, how grateful I am.
I choose to live with honesty, integrity.
And I will continue to walk towards my soul.
You may choose to say some words now if you find yourself moved to do so
” I just want to say thank you, thanks and gratitude for the…………..
May the wind beneath your wings be gentle
May the waters you swim in be warm and kind
May the fire in your heart be everlasting
May the earth beneath your feet be firm and soft.
May your heart expand with self love, compassion and oneness.
May the tears that run down your face be because you are honoring yourself.
May the smile on your lips be because you see beauty in all
Beauty beneath you
Beauty above you
Beauty to your left and beauty to your right
Beauty ahead of you and behind you
Beauty within you
Beauty all around
Beauty of Soul
I want to thank all present, the Seen and the Unseen.
I am ever so grateful.
I am grateful for me too.
That I am always available. That I am always willing.
And I am so grateful for you walking with me.
And I with you.
Let’s make sound together
Blessed be!