I am who i am
I am my pain and I am my joy
I am the introvert and the loud one
The silly and the serious
The cynical and the trusting
The foolish and the determined
The laughter and the tears
I am who I am
I am the parent and the child
The sister and the brother
The nurturer and the neglected
The Innocent and the naive
The crazy and the sane
The lover and the loved
I Am the Shadow and the Light !
I Am the one that forgot!
And I Am also the one that is Remembering
And most of all I Am the one that is choosing to remember!
And I choose to remember that:
I am the Light Warrior
I Am The Way shower
I am The mapmaker
I am the Creator
And I am who I choose!
I Am that I Am!
Dora 26112015