And WHAT is it and WHY should we do it?

Love is a choice and an important one since we become what we Love, often enough.
If you Love at your highest so you become your highest.
If you love from your lowest so mostly you become your lowest.

What we love inspires us and captures our imagination.
Be it, our highest or our lowest.

What we love consumes us. And it should. Love should be an obsession.
But remember that we choose what/whom we love; therefore we choose what we become obsessed with.

That is if we are making soulful choices, from our highest.
Not from our emotions.
Choosing what we love from emotions is a really dangerous thing to do.
After all emotions are unreliable, inconsistent, here today gone tomorrow.

That which we love should be based on that which is unshakeable.
That which weathers every storm.
Which no matter what happens you know is and will always be there.

Love is a choice.
So what do you choose?
What are you in Love with?
What fascinates you?
Who do you choose to Love?

Nothing will change you and impact you more, than that which you choose to Love.

Love changes us.
The very nature of Love is Transformative.
Love is the most powerful agent of change in the Universe.

We should not fall in Love.
We should rise to being in Love.

Love should not turn us into the lowest of ourselves.
Love should inspire us to be our highest.

Life is Love and what and whom we choose to Love will ultimately determine which version of ourselves we become.
Our Highest or our Lowest.
Or any flavor in between.

Which version of yourself do you choose to be?
How do you want to be remembered?
What do you want to be remembered for?
Your highest or your lowest?
And do you decide on what your Highest is?

And here I am assuming you choose to be your Highest.

And can you decide on that, if you have not become intimate with yourself?
And what does becoming intimate with yourself mean?
And can you really Love if you have not achieved a level of intimacy with yourself?
Being intimate with yourself, is accepting totally who you are, in your darkest and in your lightest, at the same time as you attempt to become your highest.

And you may say is that true acceptance?
When you are trying to change who you are?
It is the acceptance of Self Love.
That which recognizes your Highest and the absolute confidence that you can truly express it in this 3rd dimensional world.

And the question that needs to be asked.
Can you truly be intimate with someone if you cannot be intimate with yourself?
Can you be intimate with your Universe until you are intimate with yourself?

You can choose to Love that which inspires you to BECOME YOUR HIGHEST.

Every day in every way.