And which one are you [in/creating]? Where are you and who are you and who do you want to be?
And have you even considered it?
And if you haven’t, why haven’t you?
And if you don’t want to look, why don’t you?
And when you do eventually consider these questions, what do they evoke in you? Despair? Frustation? Excitement? Passion?
And so, are you in Crisis, in Challenge, or Experiencing?
And when you decide to honor yourself enough to look at ‘YOU’ and admit where you are, are you content with what you see, with who you are?
And if you are not content, are you going to reach a little further, stretch yourself a little more?

Which kind of person are you?

If you cut a finger, do you faint at the sight of blood, knocking your head, having to be rushed to the hospital for stitches and in the process creating havoc in your life?
Or do you look at the cut finger and efficiently disinfect it, put a plaster on the cut, place the finger higher than the head to stop the bleeding and make a mental note of how you got to cut your finger in the first place, so you may do it differently next time?
Or do you look at your finger and become mesmerized with the beautiful color of the blood, how the light reflects on it, maybe how it smells, maybe how it tastes. And allow yourself to be fascinated by your knowledge that this circulates through your entire body providing you with physical life force. That this blood carries the very nature that surrounds you, Earth, Iron, Oxygen and many other trace elements.
And when you allow yourself to be in Wonder of the magnificence of your blood, which in its simplicity represents all that surrounds you…, well, you know then, don’t you, with absolute certainty that you are a part of the ONE.
And so who are you?
Crisis, Challenge or Experience?
And where are you, in the cycle of your life?


And now that you have had me prod you, tease you and hopefully tantalize you enough that you will carry on reading, if nothing else, because you are curious, are you going to own up to it?
Yep, own up to it.
You know what I mean……..
The knowingness….
That if you are one of the lucky beings on the planet, you are giving serious consideration to do more than just living and start evolving, seriously…..
And if you are one of the very lucky ones, you are already seriously involved in evolving and there are glimpses here and there of the potentials of what joy might be……..
And if you are one of the very, very lucky ones, you have moments of joy, maybe once a month, maybe once a week…..
And is it really luck?
Me, thinks not.
It is about searching and passion and determination and this ever growing knowingness that there must be more.
And you may say, “Well now that we have talked about it, again and again, how do we go about getting it?”
And I say to you, find whatever makes your heart sing and is food for your soul. It is that simple.
And I can hear some of you.
“That sounds too simple. That can not be all”.
And I say to you. It is that simple. Find what gives you joy. Is it watching children play? Or maybe it is nature? Sunsets, flowers trees and mountains. Or the deep blue sky? Or the stars? Maybe it is beautiful music and dancing. Whatever moves you, it will do. It does not matter if it evokes a deep sigh, a wide smile, or tears of joy.

Are you a flame that forever burns regardless of what wind buffets you, be it a soft breeze or a tornado?
Regardless of the damp, life or others, sometimes yourself, throw at you?
Do you just keep on burning?

And you might say, “All of it sounds great, but how do I do it?”

And I want to say to you, with absolute purpose, great authenticity, Passion.
Passion for being truly YOU. Once and for all and in that, being ONE.

One step at a time, walking forward towards the same direction.
Oh I can promise you there will be puddles, boulders and holes. But you just get up. Take a deep breath. Center. Take a moment of gratitude for the ability to feel it all. And carry on walking. And carry on Walking. And carry on Walking with Passion.

I open my heart to you today and at my most vulnerable, in my authenticity, want to tell you that it is possible. Very possible
I am one of the lucky ones.
I taste Joy, more profoundly, more generously every day, every moment.

Walk with me.