Have you heard of the fallen angels?
Even though I am a catholic by birth, my knowledge of the bible is not at all good. I have never read the Bible from beginning to end. But in spite of that, I can’t help remembering some of the quotes that became stuck in my memory, from the classes in religious studies. “Lucifer was one of the fallen angels and he was the one with the brightest light.”

And this is what Lucifer says:

“Will you please get on with it! I am tired of anchoring this energy for you to play. As a matter of fact if I had known it was going to take this long, I might have thought twice about volunteering.”

And when you read this, how do you feel? What comes up for you? Do you go straight into linking with mass consciousness belief system, or do you want to hear more?

“How long must you still play in the shadow, before you know that you are of the Light. How long?
And why, even when you remember, do you keep on forgetting?
How many times do you have to repeat the same cycles?
Aren’t you tired? Haven’t you walked far enough away from the One? Don’t you think it is time to start walking back?”

You might think he is whining. You would be forgiven to think so. It certainly sounds like it.
For me, it feels like it comes from a place of wonderment, for our capacity to so enthusiastically forget. And a definite frustration, for that ability that we have.
After all he has to so unequivocally, remain completely aware of what his purpose is.
Imagine if he forgot!
So we could say he is also learning. Learning and understanding the game that we are playing.
The game that he enables us to play and that he is not allowed to participate in, besides making it available for us.

Are you able to comprehend this?
Can you feel it?
Imagine watching children in a playground.
They are so cute. The way they interact with each other. The imagination they have. The incredible potential to invent new games. Maybe they are a little destructive every so often.

Oops! Sometimes they get a little out of hand. Oh! There they go again. And again. And again. Ummm!
Okay. This is getting a little boring. Can these children stop repeating themselves? When are they going to grow up?

So you might say there is judgment there. And you are probably right.
So he is also learning. Ummm!
So I wonder who is waiting for whom?
And how long will it take?