And what happens for you when you hear this word?
Do you think of “giving up”, pain, or maybe unfulfilled desires?
Is there a rebelliousness that immediately sets in?

It is understandable if that is so.
When Human Beings speak of Surrender, it is mostly around war.
Someone looses and someone wins.
And war is what a lot of Humanity is doing.
War externally. War internally.
For those of you who are feeling that war is a very extreme word, let us substitute it for a more tame word. Tension!
Internal tension and external tension.
The tug of wars within oneself and the tug of wars with the outside world.
Again the feeling of something/someone always wins and something/someone always looses.
It certainly makes one resist the notion of Surrender!

The Surrender that I speak about has to do with the Surrender to one’s Highest, to one’s Soul, to one’s Self.

I am not suggesting any kind of giving up. I am certainly not suggesting a space of victim hood.
I am speaking of a powerful place within us, which sees Surrender has the ultimate freedom.

Surrender is that which takes us from a place of being caged into a place of Real Choice.
Caged by our fears and egos and wounds, into a place where one is free to Really choose, without the influence of one’s expectations and attachments.
I am suggesting Souls choices versus Lower Mind/Ego choices.

The place where one surrenders to one’s Self and surrenders the ego/mind.

I know fully, that it is much easier to intellectually understand this, than to put it into practice.

But I can assure that it is absolutely possible.
Again I need to make clear that I am not suggesting that one can do it through ignoring what lives within us.
But that one can do it through, Strength, Trust, Forgiveness……
The many ways that allow us to be more Heart centered. To be more Unconditionally loving.

Again, I truly want to emphasize, that one can reach Surrender, even when one is still afraid.

It just takes wanting!

Choice of Self.
Soul Aligned!