Hello Everyone

I will be leaving for Mexico on the 13th December. This is part work- I will be joining in many rituals, and part- break for myself afterwards :)

Therefore the last day of my practice will be 12th December 2012.
I will be returning to my practice on the 8th January 2013.

If you have an emergency, or for any other reason need to contact us, please phone Angelo at 0741004455.

The last wednesday evening will be on the 12th of December.The first one in 2013 will be on the 9th of January.
On the last wednesday evening this year, we will be setting intentions for the year 2013.
On the first wednesday evening in 2013, we will be anchoring those intentions.

I will be holding a midnight ritual on the 31st January at Aya centre, to which you are all welcome to attend.

I wish you all a joyful end of year!