Been pondering on the word……..

So I went “googling” and found a couple of definitions:

A sense that one’s beliefs, actions, or affiliations are of greater virtue than those of the other person.”

The belief that humans are imperfect and can therefore never be infallible, except for oneself.”

And many more definitions.

I decided that all these definitions pretty much mean ” I am right and you are wrong”.

Whenever I recognize this in anyone, including myself, I know that the Judgment Monster has come about and still lives on.

In my understanding, it more often then not, means that one is in fear of some kind.

In fear that what we see in someone else, maybe be the very thing that lives on in us…..
In fear that somehow, it is the other one that is right and not us……

It often indicates, low self worth, and fear of not being enough.

It gives rise to blame, defensiveness, aggressiveness, a sense of “justice”, and many other interesting reactions.

It often turns normally agreeable, gentle, rational, loving people into someone who is not willing to listen, understand and be compassionate.

Compassionate for one self, for the other and for the space that one finds one self in.
At least for a while, that space….

Until one heals whatever was keeping us in a place of rigidity, I know better, it is their fault, poor me, indignation and so on.

I can only speak for myself. I have seen myself in that place. I have no doubt I will still see myself in that place again.

For as long as I have fear of some kind in me, it is bound to come around. Until I have healed every wound in my being, it will lurk hoping to be let free.

I pray, humbly, that I will see it and recognize it before it does me or others harm.
That i can be brave enough and strong enough, to not let it rule me. Because in ruling me, i will allow it to create further separation.
Separation between me and others, and most of all between me and My Self.

In separation, judgment, self righteousness, Love has difficulty in surviving.

May Love, Unconditional Love, reign.

From my Heart.