‘Growing Up’ is a requirement of Fulfilment.
Fulfilment requires knowing of Self.
Knowing of Self can only be true if ‘Growing Up’ is allowed.

How do you feel when you read those words?
Is there fear? Or is there a sense of freedom? Or is there relief?
Or do you wonder what I mean by ‘Self’, or ‘Fulfilment’, or ‘Growing Up’?

By ‘Growing Up’ I certainly don’t mean, ‘you are now 21, here is the key to the house’.
This is not an age thing. It is an energetic maturity that I am speaking of.
It is the place within you that takes complete responsibility. The moment at which you stop looking outside and you truly embrace yourself as the creator.
No more blame is possible. Others are not the cause of happenings in your life. It is no longer important what others may think or do. You know who you are and act accordingly.
The little self, stops denying that the Self exists and will ultimately BE. (The self ‘Grows up’ into the Self.)
At this point you are truly ‘growing up’.
In this moment you start expressing your Self.
This is the place at which your third dimensional being, (in my case, Dora), starts walking hand in hand with your soul.
Your ‘self’ has just started to express as your ‘Self’.
Fulfilment can start to be felt.
Fulfilment is the ability to express Self.
When every day, more and more, your third dimensional being and your soul are walking hand in hand, this is Fulfilment.
Unlike what many think, Fulfilment, or, the ‘authentic expression of Self’, is not always easy.
If your expectations are that, easy, happy, smiley, always ‘I am so fine’, are conditions of Fulfilment, then, you are very likely looking into your ego and the material word, (in other words conforming to fit with the people around you), to ‘fulfil’ yourself.
This is certainly not the Fulfilment or the Growing Up, which I refer to.
It is definitely not the Knowing of Self.
It is another run around, that your ego and fears have taken you on. It is a place of disconnection and separation from your soul, your Self. It is separation that allows it to be so convincing. To masquerade as ‘the’ reality.
Humans have a tendency to repeat the pattern of ego/fear again and again. Only to be taken back to the same road, the road that takes you back to the Self.
The road is as long as we allow ourselves to do the repetition of this pattern.
Ultimately, you will find yourself walking the same road until you choose not to do it again.
When you choose to do, the Growing Up.
And so it goes………….