Sound is said to be the transformative tool of the future.

Quite a controversial statement, but if one carefully investigates the many facets of sound, quite a believable one.

Sound impacts every facet of our being. It touches us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
Sound has the mystical ability to restore harmony in objects, people and the environment.
The results obtained are real and lasting.

It as been used through out the ages by every single culture on the planet.
In ancient cultures, sound was traditionally used to shift energy and to allow access to altered states of conciousness

African culture equally, celebrates and mourns with the use of sound.
American Indians used it as above and to frighten the enemy in battles.
Tibetans use sound in their temples and to celebrate birthdays. On the birthday date everyone gathers around and make the loudest possible sounds to scare the bad spirits away and make room for the new energy.

Sound has and is used in most religions.

Time has been announced by sound all over the planet. Churches ring their bells; cannons fire shots at midday, Big Ben hourly let’s it self be known.

Ships warn of their arrival at port and foghorns are heard.

It is a social, cultural, healing and ritualistic tool.

And of course best of all it is fun.

Just think of the many forms sound is utilised for in your private home.
Communication, music, laughter, crying, calling and many more.

Sound can be used to alleviate stress, help to loose weight, eliminate pain and transmute disease into wellness.

It can be a meditative tool and a source of pure joy.

It is one of the fastest known methods of chakra alignment and energetic vibration increase.

Many instruments are used to produce sound but the most powerful instrument of all is the human voice.

I have used sound for personal development, healing, group consciousness alignment, space clearing and planet work.

It can be used on yourself or it can be used on another, for personal development, pain shifting or simply to increase vibrational energy.

I continue to be in awe of the power of sound and it’s many uses.