November 2016

The Hurt

The hurt that lives in the pit of my stomach
It is real
And it does not exist
It is in the past
And It is always present
It is dead
But it lives on
It is me
And it is so, not me!

It leaves me exhausted, uncertain and at times desperate.
It also feeds my absolute certainty, that I am not only that!
That there is more
That I can survive it!
That the rest of me is so alive!
That if I keep on looking,
I will find it.

So the determination rises.
And as I move with that determination,
There is but one conclusion,
More of Me!

Dora 25082016




Beauty beyond what the eye sees
Beauty beyond words
Beauty in my bones, blood vessels, skin ….

Beauty of Feeling
Beauty from my Heart
Beauty from My Soul

Beauty Without
Beauty Within
Beauty Within and All around

Beauty of All

Dora 09092016



Let’s Quit trying to be someone else,
Something else
In another place
Under different circumstances!
We really resist being just who we are.
Comparison and judgement!
On and on and on!
But that is all we can ever be!
Completely useless to try not to be you!
This is something we will never manage to do.
Because it is impossible not to be you!
The truth is, you take away from you.
Every time you try to be someone else
Something else
In another place
Under different circumstances!
We can shift and transform.
And tomorrow you will be a better you!
But still you!
Every time, everyday and everywhere!
So Be You!
By Dora 10032016


To Be Heart Centre All Together

To Be Heart Centered All Together
And my Heart is full
And my Soul is expanded
And I am soooo Grateful
My body vibrates
My Soul sings
My Heart melts
And I am sooooo Grateful
And every step of my life has brought me here
And every choice has brought me to this present
And all moments of my Life have become this moment
And I am sooooo Grateful
And here You are
And here I am
And here We are
And I am soooo Grateful
And as We continue to Be
Always more conscious
The more We become
And I am soooo Grateful
I am You
And You are Me
And We are One
I am soooooooo Grateful
By Dora 03082016


To Just Be!

Oh! To just Be!
To Be all of Me!
With no doubts
And no maybes
No shoulds
And no musts
Oh just to be!
To be All of Me!

Dora 03082016