Please repeat with me.

I Love Myself!

Three small words.
So simple!
So difficult!

How many of you felt self conscious when you said those words?
How many of you felt quite silly and did not even attempt to say them?
How many of you felt sheepish?
And so on!
You can see where I am going with this………….?

Three small words!

How is it possible that the great majority of the Human Race finds it so difficult to love themselves?

And so many of us, seem to feel that it is easier to love others than it is to love oneself?

What within us is so wounded, so misguided and so frightened that we find it so difficult, so impossible, to do so.

And in what kind of illusion do we live in, that we think we will be able to love others continuously, without replenishing ourselves as well?

What kind of madness do we allow ourselves to be in, that we forever look for
Love from the outside and completely starve ourselves from within?

To love yourself without restriction is to embrace yourself.
It is to wrap yourself in layers and layers of gossamer wings of this beautiful feeling.
A feeling that does not, cannot stop, that moves through you, within you, around you.

It is to be free.
Free to Be.
Free to allow yourself to finally be truly loved by another.
Free also, to truly love another.

How else when we are ONE!

Repeat with me, please!

I Love Myself!