And what does she have to say?

These are times of potentials.
Potentials leading to choices.
Choices that tell, who of you, are you expressing now.
How much of You, is probably more accurate  to say.

And is this set in stone?
You are, who you are, who you are…..
Or can we rather say……
You are who you allow/choose yourself to be, choose yourself to be, choose yourself to be…..

Having said that, regardless of who/how much you choose to be, you will be affecting, influencing, all and everything that we are and will be experiencing.

You are part of the collective, therefore you affect it.
In a much deeper way then you give and take credit for.

Please do not look/interpret this in any negative way. 
I am attempting to tell you that you are and can, influence, change, all and everything, that we are experiencing and will experience, in a powerful, positive, very real way.
In a, for the Highest good of All, way.

If you think for a moment that you are insignificant, of little importance and inconsequential, that is very definitely,  part of the illusion that you are allowing yourself to live.

If you believe this, that you are insignificant, you are not actively choosing who you WANT to BE.

Who do You want to be?

Please think deeply on this. 
You make a difference.

I so very wish that you saw yourself through my eyes. 
Beyond your personalities and frailties. Through your fears and wounds to the other side.

You would then see, what I see.
These beautiful shining Beings.
Beings with a myriad of potentials.
Potentials that are all there for the taking.
Potentials that reflect in Humanities potentials, in the Earths potentials, in All that Is, potentials.

To be a part of all and believe that one, does in no way influence All that Is, is the ultimate illusion.

Please think deeply on this. 
You truly make a difference.

Because in your Heart you are connected to Everything. To every single living Being.

You could say that in your Heart lives our Future.
The Future of Humanity.
The Future of the Planet.
The Future of our Solar System.
The Future of our Galaxy.

To be more precise, you represent/affect, what kind of Future Expression, we will have.

Some of you will read this and feel that the responsibility is too much and too heavy and a burden.

Some of you will feel, inspired, freed, relieved, light., empowered.
You Know deep in your Soul, that you can and do make a difference.

Please walk with Me and allow for a Future that truly expresses the magnificence that We are!

Please Choose to Be who You truly are.

So Be It.