Thank you all, who chose to be at AYA for this ceremony. Seen and unseen.

What follows is the sound file and a transcription of the ceremony.

The sound will support you, in integrating the energies coming on to the planet
and smooth it is very powerful effect on your physical body.

From my Heart.

Sound file 2013 Midnight Ritual

31122012 Midnight Ritual

…………Anchoring energies for the ceremony. Anchoring intention and further Female Christ Consciousness energy…………

So we are coming together to celebrate, the movement from one year to another. From 2012 to 2013.
We want to welcome the seen and the unseen, the Elementals. Air, Fire, Water, and Earth.
We certainly want to celebrate the further anchoring of Female Christ Consciousness.

The desire.
The Hearts desire is for Unity.
Between Male and Female.
Yin and Yang.
Light and Shadow.
May our Hearts be willing. May our strength be visible. May our willingness be immense.
May that which is for the Highest Good of All be achieved.
May it be achieved in Grace.
In La’Kesh
You are Me and I am You.

There is greatness in this epoch, that began on the 22nd of the 12th of 2012.
The alignment between each one of our Hearts.
Humanities Heart.
The Planets Heart.
Father Sun.
And Grand Fathers Sun.
The Heart of ourGalaxy came into alignment to give birth to a new way.

Gentleness in strength.
Courage and softness.
Unconditional Love.

2012 was a magnificent year.
2013 will be even more so.

Be consistent with your choice. Heart choice.
Soul alignment choice.
Your consistency without wavering, will mean you will write one kind of future instead of another.

A future that is aligned with your Soul, that sees each Being as yourself, is Divine.

That which happens on Earth is being written by each one of Us uniquely and collectively.

What happens with the Earth, with Humanity in this symbiotic relationship affects our entire Solar system, and the Galaxy and beyond.

Our Planet is magnificent.
Human Beings when lead by their Heart, by their Soul are Magnificence embodied in a 3rd dimensional body.
So much Love can come out of so much Fear.
We are unique in our ability to rise from the ashes like the Phoenix.

Conscious choice will guarantee that we can celebrate and be grateful for the fact that we are here today in a physical body.
Willing to feel every nuance.
Every sigh.
Every blink.
Every taste.
Every touch.

This is the moment we have been waiting for.
This period ahead of us. This very recent future. Not very far.
We are the ones we have been waiting for.
We are the ones we have been waiting for.

May we move forward with strong wind beneath our wings.
Calm waters, gentle waters.
Firm Earth beneath our feet.
And a Heart that is full of Love.
Full of Honor.
Great Authenticity.

Let everyone remember the Divinity that resides within them.
Waiting to blossom.
Waiting to be seen.
Waiting to be expressed.

And only one person can do this.
You, Yourself.
All the support is there.
But every single step of Authenticity needs to be walked by your own Self.
Who else but You
Who else but I.
Who else but We.”

We are the flow, and we are the ebb.
We are the weaver, we are the web.”

Anyone needs to express something? This is your time.”

I want to. I am grateful to be here right now in this body.
And I am going to try and be…….

Thank you”

Let’s make sound together shall we?”


Thank you for all, you in body, physical body and all that have joined.
The Ascended Masters and the Archangels and some of our brothers and sisters from beyond the the Earth
In La’Kesh.
My Heart is full.
I am Grateful.”


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