Towards Self or away from Self?

Which one are you doing?
And do you know/acknowledge, that you are always doing one or the other?

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Female Christ Consciousness and the Grids Workshop-16062013

I am so grateful for yesterday. Such amazing people.
I feel stretched, I feel fulfilled, I feel my own growth.
I repeat myself, I am so grateful.
Thank you for making it possible.

Together as one, is how it happens.


Earth Work - Llandudno

Earth Work at Llandudno 25 May

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18 April: Away to Mexico

I will be in Mexico from the 18th April to the 9th of May…..

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HUMANITY 28032013

The slumber has been long
Like a virus we infect each other……….

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THE MOTHER on 28032013

She sees the children’s efforts
She feels their pain……………

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Ascended Masters Workshop 10022013

So much Gratitude
To all that showed up
Be it seen or unseen
Eternally Grateful!…….

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I Love Myself!

Please repeat with me.

I Love Myself!

Three small words.
So simple!
So difficult!………

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And so the Earth speaks 20012013

And what does she have to say?

These are times of potentials.
Potentials leading to choices.
Choices that tell, who of you, are you expressing now.
How much of You, is probably more accurate ┬áto say…………….

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31122012 Midnight Ritual

Thank you all, who chose to be at AYA for this ceremony.
What follows is the sound file and a transcription of the ceremony.

The sound will support you, in integrating the energies coming on to the planet
and smooth it is very powerful effect on your physical body.

From my Heart.
Dora ……..

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