Picture the hummingbird. 
Completely graceful and in absolute balance.
It approaches the flower, it partakes of the nectar if there is any.
Nothing is disturbed.
If it did not announce itself with it’s beautiful song, if you did not happen to see it flying by, you would not even know it had been there.
It comes, it enquiries, it takes what it needs. There is not disturbance, no destruction.  All is honored.

Now picture the pecking bird.
It arrives in a flurry of noise, it’s wings are big, it moves back and forth.
Things are trampled, pecked at.
Sometimes out of hunger, sometimes out of habit, sometimes out of survival.

Now see yourself. How you approach and question life. How do you question what surrounds you, new ideas,  new thoughts, new concepts and paradigms?

Which one are you?

Do you gracefully hover undisturbingly, taking what you need without affecting that which remains behind?
Or do you just peck At it?

Please do not misunderstand me.
I am in no way suggesting you should not question.
I am certainly not imagining that you would go through life, hopefully, becoming more of yourself, without questioning.

I am merely suggesting that you become a purposeful, conscious enquirer.
That you would understand where you are coming from within you, when you question. 
Is there a desire for the questioning to provide you with a specific answer?
Are you an habitual contrary?
Do you question simply out of the desire to make that which you are enquiring about small?

I really want to be clear, that I consider questioning essential to ones evolution.

I merely want to draw attention to how conscious the questioning is.

So which one are you mostly?

The hummingbird or the pecking black bird?