Do you know what that is?

To be able to look at all that surrounds you with childlike eyes?
No judgment. No fear. No expectation. No attachment.
Just the amazement of a new experience.
The thrill of a new adventure.

Is it possible you ask?
Yes I say.
That childlike ability is not something that has died and disappeared.
It is very much there just waiting to be reawakened.
To be awakened out of its slumber.

Waiting to be free of fears and guilts and shames.
Waiting to be allowed to express in all its glory.

Waiting for the day when the ego will take a back seat,
the mind will be quiet and the Heart will lead.

And you may say I am an idealist.
And I will say you are right!

Except this idealist is not basing itself on a chimera.
This idealist is very much speaking from personal experience.
It is very much real, for this idealist.

From having been one with fears and guilts and shames.
And having walked the path of self discovery for a while and having let go,
not of everything, but enough, to have more than just glimpses of that childlike vista.

It is simply that the idealism becomes reality, for those who are willing to look within.
To dig deep into their knowledge of Self.
To be willing to look and see, really see All of themselves.
Or as much as possible, at any given time, followed by the willingness to see more of Self.
Always a little more.

And then, without a doubt, that childlike ability will no longer be the chimera of an idealist,
but the reality of a grounded, centered, Authentic being.

Let’s be childlike.
Let’s dig deep into the Self and play and play and play.