Another year in the making.
In the making, because it is in your hands, what you make of it.

May that which you make, be that, which comes from your highest.
May your fragility, be vulnerability.
May your fire be that, which allows for heart passion.
May your mind be guided through the eyes of your Heart.
May your creative energy, express your Highest.

We want to invite and honor those which have willingly stepped into this space, from the many dimensions.
From the many realms.
From the many, many distant Galaxy’s.
The bird tribe, the cat tribes are here today. We are grateful.
The 12 Elohim. Thank you.
The many masters, and lady masters. Welcome.
Brothers and sisters.
My galactic family.
The parts of me, that have walked ahead and are walking behind. Thank you.

May we be gifted with strength that comes from an opened Heart.
The stillness that comes from a quite mind.
A willing physical body.

May we gather all the parts of Ourselves.
The Great Gathering. Individually and as One.

May the willingness to be our Highest be ever present.
Nothing is too small and nothing is too big.
It just Is.

May humanity work together. And be the pebble in the pond that ripples throughout the Cosmos.

The Earth has much to say.
Every small gesture is counted.
It shows that which Humanity has the capacity for.
And it makes the difference.
Don’t ever think that anything is too small.
All is seen.
All is felt.
And all shows Humanity’s Hope.
I thank you.

Sound file 2012 Midnight Ritual