To the 38 “seen” Beings.
To the multitude of “unseen” ones.
I celebrate YOU.
I am so grateful.

From my Heart all my Love.

I AM yours and you are mine.
Hearts always intertwined.
New beginnings are your Divine right.

I Am Beauty. True Beauty. Beauty that lies within. It shines radiantly. Within and without. The most unpalatable to the 3rd dimensional eyes, becomes Divine.

You cannot make “sense” of me. Your mind will not find me. Look in your Heart and that is where I will be.

I Am St. Germain. I bring you the Violet Flame. The Flame of Transmutation. Will you choose to partake of it willingly?
That is the SHIFT.

I am Portia. I have come to be with you. So you may find your True Self.
Shadow + Light + Choice = True Self

I Am in your service.
From ever.
Your command is my command.
My Command is your command.

I Am far and I Am near.
Within and without.
Above and below.
And all around.

You are in me and I Am in you.
Your every sigh, your every blink.
Is my sigh, is my blink.
We Are.
We truly AM.

I Am your oceans and your lands.
I Am your reptiles and your birds.
Your children and your aged.
I Am You and You are Me.
We AM.

I Am the realised expression of who you are.
Once you have surrendered to your Self, you will also be, realised expression.

I Am pure Love.
Will you BE pure Love with me?

Love you unconditionally and completely.
In your Shadow and in your Light.
For I have seen, done and been ALL.
Light and Shadow.
Blessed BE.