It is time to come clean.
It is time to speak up.
It is time to stop hiding.
It is time to walk your Soul.
It is time to walk in your rightful moccasins.
It is time……………

Having been and being in the past, the present and the future of Mother Earth, there is much that I can say.
There is a parallel reality of the Earth in existence right now, where we have had to find another place to live.
We have once more, repeated the cycle. We did Mu, Lemuria and Atlantis all over again.
We are Masters of repetition. And always, our repetition gets bigger and “better”.

We, some of us, have travelled back in time, to alter our future.
The desire to jump out of the cycle of repetition, into a new way.
We are intending a different manifestation/expression.

We, some of us, have been with Mother Earth from the beginning of time.
We were the midwifes, we are the companions and we have no desire to be the undertakers.

But it takes more than a handful.
It takes many of us moving in the same direction with the same intention.

To do so, we need to awaken to our consciousness.
A consciousness, which has been dulled by acts of pain upon pain.

This is the time of gathering.
The gathering of every part of ourselves.
Parts torn by trauma.
Parts scattered throughout the planet.
It is time for the great gathering.
The gathering of Self.
The gathering of Humanity as One.