And so……
Once more we are gathered here.
We welcome all.
The seen and the unseen.
In the Light.
For the Light.
By the Light.
From all Realms.
From far and Beyond.
From the Stars.
From Everywhere.
But simply and mostly, from the Galaxy in which I originate.
I welcome that part of Me, today.
As much as my physical body is able to.

And so…
From deep within Mother Earth, we also welcome those who have bridged dimensions.
We welcome them to teach us, that which we have done, but no longer remember.
May they help us to remember, in this physical body.
May we dream the Dream and express it, through our physical body in this lifetime.
May we walk with our Shadow and our Light.
With clear consciousness of the choices we make and may those be
For the Light
In the Light
By the Light.

A Dream, where we are ONE.
Equal in our differences.
Individual in our uniqueness,
But as ONE.

May we dance to the beat of our Soul’s drum.
May we dance Joyfully.
May we have the strength and the determination to go deep within.
And from deep within, may the fire travel up our bodies and be expressed through the Heart.
The place, where all IS and everything exists.
Where it is all ONE.

May this dream, in its utmost Authenticity, in its Highest, travel through every crystalline grid.
Both, those within the Earth, and around the Earth.
May it be broadcasted.
That there are humans on this planet, who dream the Dream.
And are willing to express it.
May this reverberate throughout the Cosmos.
May our voice reach far and Beyond.
May it be heard.
May it be heard.

I dreamt the Dream.
I dreamt the Dream.
A Dream to express, expressed on this Planet.
I have dreamt other Dreams and expressed them on this Planet.
May this Be one more.
May it come from our Highest, into our Highest.

My Dream…..
My Souls desire…….

Sound File, Midnight ritual 2011