It feels like a such an approriate workshop to end the year with. :)

Thank you to the many unseen ones.
Thank you to the physical 33 beings that participated in this workshop.
You allow me to Be.
Thank you.

I come before you so you may see yourselves.
That I came first does not mean we are not equal.

I will awake you, but I will support you.
When you fall, I fall.
I always get up.
So do you, however long it takes.
I am always there.

Let your Heart open up to Mercy and Joy.
The merciful are always in Joy.

I Am Serapis Bey and I shine.
Will you shine?
Let us, together, breakthrough what stops you, from shining.

Responsibility is to know who you are.
It is not heavy.
It is “full”.
Be “full” with who you are.

I Am Peace.
Peace within and Peace without.
Peace in stillness.
Stillness in action.
Action in stillness.
Be still.
Be action.
Be Peace.

I Am Master Kuthumi and I know who I Am.
Do you?
Do you know who you are?
What are you waiting for?

I Am!
So are you!
But you fleet in and you fleet out.
I Am constant.

I Am Justice, tempered with Compassion.
Freedom of Self comes from it.

May you recognise your power and express it consciously and appropriately.

Every moment is precious.
Because you are.
Because I Am.
Because we allow!!!
When we express Unconditional Love.

I Love you so much.
My Heart is so full.
May your love for yourself, equal the Love I have for you.
I Am Female Christ Consciousness incarnate.