What does being “Present” mean?

Is this a way to escape our concerns about the future?
Or to ignore our past?

To be truly Present, means that you allow yourself to be fully connected to all of You.
Past, Present and Future.

That you gather to yourself, the learning’s from your past.
That Hope resides in your Heart, guiding you towards the best Self, you desire to be in the future.
And in the Present you choose and act fully conscious, of the other two.

In this way you are able, as best as you can, to consider every part of yourself, without fear or judgment.
Fear and judgment, mostly, are the reasons why we avoid being fully Present.

Our ego attempts to cleverly avoid being fully Present, and turns a magnificent soul desire, Being Present, into a means of justifying disconnection and separation.

So when you are “in the present”, remain mindful.
Are you truly connected or simply found another form of disconnection?
When you disconnect from yourself, you disconnect from the rest of the world.

Being fully Present, requires great Self honesty and abundant strength, to allow yourself to be seen in all your glory.

Past, Present and Future.

Shadow and Light.