I want to say, that we so are!

We make most of our awake decisions, “asleep”.
We are a conglomerate of previous experiences. Conscious and unconscious experiences.
In our unconscious reside fears that we don’t remember. Thought forms created through patterns of behaviour. Belief systems that have been inherited. Hurts and pain that we don’t acknowledge/remember.
All of these shape our “choices”.

We are under the illusion that we understand ourselves………….
These “learned” patterns, hidden fears and deep wounds are truly making the choices.
Our ego and mind’s deep need to be in control, or appear to be in control, suppress our need to truly know ourselves, to heal. Pushing, all these memories, beneath layers and layers of justifications.

And so we travel through our Soul’s Life, many life times, under these circumstances.
The good news though, is that Evolution is not about to bow to these strings that rule us.
We can only remain puppets for so long, until the deep river of consciousness and evolution takes over.

And we find ourselves with some of those strings snapped.
Those are often the moments of great change/desperation (depending how you experience it).

Are you quickly going to repair the strings or embrace a new way of Being?
Letting go of the puppet?
Becoming your true Self a little bit more, even if it is just one day at a time?

Cut the strings………….