The acceptance to fully allow the present moment.
And still desire, to change the next moment.

Is this a confusing statement?

Let me explain it differently.

The word acceptance can have a multitude of definitions.


“That which is bigger than me, and I have to accept.”
“That which I have to be okay with and I have to make peace with.”
“That which is, therefore I make peace with.”
“That which I trust I require right now. But I can change, if guided by my Soul.”

The previous statements represent very different states of acceptance.

All the way from, “Roll over and die”, to “I trust I am the Creator”.

True Acceptance, is the ability to be in complete Trust.
The Trust, that each moment is exactly what you require.
Also the Consciousness of the required understanding, that you can be more of your Self.
And the ability to grow into a more Authentic Self, with every moment you allow healing and growth.
It is one’s Divine right to evolve with each moment. That is not possible unless one is completely trusting of our ability to change.

An infinite amount of the “right” kind of Acceptance is necessary.

I accept that in my Soul’s infinite wisdom I created this moment.
I also Trust that in my Souls infinite ability has the Creator,
I can change the next moment into a more authentic moment.
A more authentic moment, expressing a more Authentic Self.
I accept that I evolve and grow, with every moment that passes,
when I accept that I create my own experiences.
Experiences that are reflective of my level of consciousness, remembrance.

I accept my Divine right to Be all of my Self.