Hi All
A little late but better late then never.:)
Just a few words on the trip to the States.

The workshop that i attended with Drunvalo Melchizedek, was the first 7 days of the trip.
It was magnificent. Not only is he a magnificent being, but it is really inspiring to be with another 100 beings, from 22 different countries.
The majority of them also running practices and, or workshops in their places of residence.
It is a very affirming and inspiring experience.

The next 7 days in the country, turned into an adventurous road trip.

We crossed 4 states during that time. We set out from Sedona, Arizona, straight to Las Vegas.
Wow! Pure Maya. The land of illusion. Very grateful that some human beings choose to hold that vibration for the rest of us. But really enjoyed a magnificent show of Cirque du Soleil. Cher is still there…
From Las Vegas to the Death Valley. 350 feet beneath sea level.
Truly hot. And dry. And sand tornados and salt pans. Four hours to cross it and on the other side, we emerged into a very green, green valley, with the Sierra Nevadas in front of us. Beautiful Mountains with snow covered peaks.
Happy lungs and relieved body.
Drove through these beautiful mountains through miles and miles of forests, into a vulcano that was still belching smoke and terrible sulphur fumes. With a beautiful blue lake at its feet.
On to Olmec point where 15000 years ago, when the poles where in different places on Earth, it was all ice.

Into Lake Tahoe. What amazing soft energy. It felt like home. And a beautiful full moon.

From there to Mt.Shasta. Camping on the mountain. Fascinated by the trees. Plenty of snow. 9000feet high. Really cold at night.

We drove on to the Redwood Giants of Oregon. 10 people holding hands in a circle, would not be sufficient to embrace some of those trees. As tall as sky scrapers. Truly expected sprites and fairys to jump in front of the car and say Buuh! :)
We drove until very late at night through these trees and the full moon…….

From there all the way through the coast of North California across San Francisco to the Grand Canyon. Route 66…

The grand Canyon is probably one of the most majestic sites i have ever seen in this life time.
When you arrive you have to just remain silent and breath deeply. It is nearly too much to take in.
So glad to have completed my Earth work there and anchored the energies of what i was busy with throughout the trip.

Absolutely fitting!

Then back to Sedona and home. Sweet home…..