I am going to attempt to be as clear as possible in the communication of my thoughts.
In spite of my desire to be clear, this subject is, I feel, much misunderstood.
So here goes.
Christ Consciousness is a level of consciousness, on our way back to our authentic, fully expressed Self.
Its energy is made up of two components, the Yin and the Yang, of itself; Female Christ Consciousness and Male Christ Consciousness.
This level of consciousness is deeply involved in the evolution of the planet and humanity.
It is an energy that has been anchored on the planet for a very long time again and again.
It is also the energy that we are once more, anchoring on the planet, at a higher co-creative level. At the level of humanity consciousness, rather than, individual consciousness.
In other words, the goal is that each one of us becomes a ‘Christ’, and there will be enough of us, to achieve a critical mass.
A critical mass, which will allow for a substantial shift in consciousness. A shift that will propel the planet and therefore humanity, into a new dimension.
At this time on Earth, it is not only Female Christ Consciousness that we are anchoring. We are attempting to map- make a new level of Unity energy.
Unity energy, as I call it, is the combined energy of the Female and Male Christ Consciousness, in as balanced a state as possible, on this planet.
Of course, the optimum state of Unity energy would be one of complete balance, equality and grace between its Yin and Yang.
Christ Consciousness energy is not and has ever been the monopoly, or ‘created’ by a religion. It is much more ancient than any recorded history on this planet. It was in existence long before the existence of Earth.
It is one of the steps on the evolutionary path of the entire Universe.
It is intimately related to the energy of Unconditional Love. We could say that they are best friends. The one is always accompanied by the other.
So where does this leave us?
Our contribution is to achieve our own state of authentic Self. And, to do so, in an authentic, co-creative way.
To think, feel and act in congruent way, where every part of our being is consistently moving in the same direction.
Body, Mind and Heart.
And so it will BE.