Such a small word for such big feelings and such magnitude of emotions.
The very fiber of the Universe. The weave that we create.
Co-creation is the height of Joy and the pit of Pain.
It is about inspiring and being inspired.
It is about allowing your worst fears to come out and be willing to work with it.
It is about allowing the greatest joy to come through and not being frightened of joy.
It is also the most helpful space to learn about attachments and letting go.
It is an amazing space of growth. It is not for the fainthearted. I know it sounds a little crazy, because you might say everything is co-creation. And you are right.
But is it conscious co-creation?
I don’t think so. Actually I know that we all co-create and we definitely do not co-create consciously.

Conscious co-creation is the most difficult thing to do, in our path of evolution on this planet and it is also the one thing that provides us with the most growth. It is the most rewarding and the speediest form of evolution.

Conscious co-creation means knowing, to the best of your abilities, where you and the person you are co-creating with, are in the process.
Being able to identify your fears as well as the other persons fears. Being able to see the fear and not try to change it in them. To change the fear, in oneself and be willing to do the necessary work of evolution within.

To recognize when the co-creation is simply not happening. And to recognize that when it is happening, and through that recognition, to actually decide to sharpen and deepen the co-creation.

Part of co-creation is learning to distinguish the difference between when it is time to let go or continue to co-create.
And the understanding of that can only be achieved by being very conscious and going deeply into one’s soul.
And that is another tricky one. How does one know, one is listening to soul or fear?

There are many ways for me. And these are some of them.

  • When I identify that I am co-creating the kind of interaction that will keep some other fear at ease.
  • When I can’t bear the possibility of not co-creating in spite of the fear.
  • When co-creating would be the most difficult thing.
  • When in spite of an aspect not wanting to co-create, the possibility of not co-creating is even more unbearable.
  • When your heart is breaking and the easiest would be to walk away and you stay in spite of the pain and co-create.
  • When your heart is so full and your soul so joyful.
  • When in spite of the difficulties there is nowhere else you would rather be.
  • When there is no reasonable explanation, but there is knowingness, and that keeps you steady and on course to somewhere you are not even clear about.
  • I go and check my pre-birth contracts.
  • I also check my possible potentials and look for the highest potential and see what co-creation fits the highest one.

And only then, I would make my choices.

In order to have easier co-creation, it is important to make a commitment and remain consistent in it.
It is not always easy, due to the fear that keeps on coming and disrupting the co- creation.
Co-creation always becomes more difficult when we keep on (seesawing between one’s highest and one’s fear.)
Quite often it becomes unbearable, if one continues to seesaw.

(Especially if one seesaws between one’s highest and one’s fear.) [repetition of above?]
The gap between the frequencies of one’s fear and one’s highest is enormous and it truly becomes debilitating.

Consistency in one’s choices, when they are eventually made, is essential.

It is essential that one continues to affirm one’s choices.
“I choose to….”

It is essential that repetition.
Why you may ask?

Because we create all the time from our fears and our egos. Without knowing we are doing so all the time.

Therefore it is essential to re-affirm continuously one’s conscious choices.


written 2009