It seems to be a part of human nature, and a very strong part at that, our disposition to neglect ourselves and for some of us this includes the neglect of those beings close to us.

We do it in many different forms.
Some of us decide that our physical body is the most important and so we go about neglecting our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.
Others live an intense emotional life, disregarding the rest of themselves.
Some live in their mind primarily not allowing their heart to become involved in any of their choices and actions.
Then there are those who focus completely on their spiritual life. Mostly, in my experience, going ahead and neglecting their physical bodies.

Neither one of these are better or worse. They are not bad or good either.
They are simply choices.
Choices that provide us with different experiences. Those experiences will provide us with a different understanding or the same understanding in different ways.

It all centers in SELF LOVE. How much have you learned around loving yourself?

A truly balanced individual will strive to focus in their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual Selves without neglect of either one of those parts.

A truly self-loving individual understands, that as one of those parts becomes neglected, the rest suffer. How could they not?

Truly One.

One’s choices will be more balanced and more conscious as one truly heals one’s wounds and pain. One’s fears.
As one allows one’s, small ego to disappear and die.

This is not easy and at times seems impossible. Don’t let yourself be fooled by the saboteur within you.

It is what you are here for. It is your absolute purpose.

To be your magnificent Self.

So guess what?
It might be tough and it might be intense, but it is certaily POSSIBLE.
As a matter of fact, it is your DIVINE RIGHT.

To be your Magnificent, Genuine, Impeccable Self.