Have you ever wondered how in the world, does the body do it?

There you are, working on yourself and making sure your life is as balanced as possible.
After all, you are looking at all aspects of your life. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
And yes, you really do know that much, much still needs to be done in pursuing the way HOME.
“The journey goes on forever”,
“There are many roads to be traveled”,
“To go on peeling the many layers of the onion”.
And at some point you just stop and you literally say aloud, blah, blah, blah……


All of a sudden the body has stepped in, and in spite of the fact that…….

-There you are, probably for the first time, in this lifetime, consciously, working hand in hand with your soul, in the closest way you have ever done it. Everything within you is pulling in the same direction.

Spirit, heart, mind and body.

And there is much joy. Joy in the knowledge that you feel One. You feel alive. There is this energy that absolutely hums through you.–

And all of sudden the body steps in. And it says, “Hello, hello, here I am. Can you see me? Listen to me! You might think that other direction is where we were going, but I have got news for you, this is where I want to go and that is where we are going”.
And your spirit, heart and mind, stop in disbelief, “But, but, but, we thought we were partners, and all the rest of us have agreed and have decided and it feels so right and, and whaaat are youuu doing?”

And the part of you that is able to step out of yourself and observe, at this point in time absolutely needs to stop and understand what is going on.
How is it possible that the body, which is only a part of who you really are, and in many peoples points of view a small part at that, can have such power? And it absolutely, completely has the power. It can bring the strongest emotionally and healthiest person, to its knees. Why? Why?

I believe that there are many dimensions to the whole of our being and our being expresses itself in all of these dimensions. One of these dimensions is the third dimension. The body, in the third dimension, represents our being. It is through the body that our being expresses itself. The body has the upper hand.

The third dimension is the body’s home, therefore it is in charge, and it is “the boss”.

Think of it like this, you are the body and you are home and you have a party going on. Everyone else, (heart, mind and spirit) are guests. So when you decide that the party must be over, you can simply tell the guests that they must go home. And even though they might grumble and moan and they might even take a while to depart, in the end they have no option. Depart they will.


And so even though it is only a small part of who we ultimately are, in our entire being, it is an important part and it will allow itself to be neglected for only a certain amount of time and no more.

And what is exactly meant, by neglecting the body?

In my experience, the moment we loose sight of the fact, that the body is the part of ourselves that allows US, in our highest, to express that highest, on this planet, in this dimension, in that moment of forgetting this, we are already neglecting our body.

We neglect the body in a myriad of ways. Through the thoughts we think, or don’t think. The words we utter or don’t. The actions or non-actions we perform. The food we eat, what we drink. And most certainly through what we feel or and don’t allow ourselves to feel.

And so how does one go about not neglecting any single part of one’s self?

First and foremost an absolute awareness that We are a partnership of the many parts that make the One up. Every part equally important. And yes we are spiritual beings having a human experience. But the spiritual being will not have the opportunity of that human experience without the body.

After all are we not meant to bring, Heaven to Earth? And what stands in the middle, but the human body?

It is important to recognize that when every part of our Being is once more acknowledged and brought into balance the body no longer holds such power.

And so, tools like meditation and visualization will help the mind and our connection to spirit, our highest guidance. Exercise, healthy eating and drinking and some form of body therapy, will go a long way to supporting the body. Psychic therapy will help the many levels, mental, emotional and spiritual. Tools that will address past lives, cellular memories, genetic and ancestral blockages are essential.
In my experience everything starts at a deep level and then manifests in the body. Often, and in my experience always, our reluctance to deal with the many belief systems and unconscious blockages will eventually affect the body.

But most of all I believe that our conscious or unconscious, neglect, unawareness to regard our body as the Temple through which our Higher Self manifests on this planet, this dimension, is the biggest stumbling block to our Holistic Health.

Let us Be Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally and Physically AWARE.