September 2000

Egypt, 11 Sep 2000


H…. asked for healing for his back. Wants to meet in January.
I burst out crying in front of an alabaster jar full of Frankincense.
Who knows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Still very tired. Went to the Suk but even though my heart is with it, my body is not.
Had supper and feel asleep. B… called me to get ready for the airport. Can’t wait to see my children.
The men in my life.

Egypt, 10 Sep 2000


Another 7 people in the bus, plus the driver, H…., B… and me.
H…. told us we would have 15 minutes to take photos and walk by the pyramid. I let him know, under no uncertain terms that I wanted, expected and had to, go inside.
Was given conciliatory words, soothing noises and a faint promise that he would try to take us inside. Took us to the Sphinx. Must go inside. MUST.
Threw crystal and Noordhoek stone as close as possible.
Went to a perfume shop. The owner asked me if I am an American Indian (again). Was asked if I recognised the shaman in the photo. I did not. After a tete a tete, between H… and the shop owner, I was assured by H…., that he would take me inside the pyramid that afternoon. He had already asked me earlier on, if I believed in reincarnation, to which I responded ‘Absolutely’ and this is why I am in Egypt. I had also told him I am not a tourist, I am on a spiritual pilgrimage. He asked if he could come inside with us. I said of course.
At 1.00PM he had all of us walking into the pyramid. When we got to the King’s Chamber, he asked if I needed anything. I said no, I had to feel my way through what next.
Walked around and at approximately the middle of the room I arranged my crystals on the floor.

D….’s crystal
Two stones from Noordhoek
S….’ long crystal
Twin crystal from S… that belongs to both of us. Next Noordhoek stone. Next orange crystal mine and S….’s. These three in a vertical line.

B…. sat facing me after the sarcophogus.
Started chanting and making hand/arm motions.
Felt like there was no roof.
Aware that people kept on streaming into the room and just kept on lining against the walls of the room, without stepping towards the middle.
Felt the guardians come into their bodies. Felt completely surrounded by light and cushioned by love.
When I was finished I put my crystals away in my pouch and held two of them. One in each hand.
I walked to the sarcophagus, walked around it and people just got out of the way and gave me space. I stood at the feet facing the head (I think).
H…. approached me and asked if I was finished. I said yes and asked if we were late. He said that we were not late, but we had spent nearly an hour in there.
It felt like 5 minutes to me.
We walked out. First stone I saw when I stepped out of the pyramid, gave me an answer to something I had asked.

_Even though from the very beginning of the trip, I always had the desire (compulsion), to go into the pyramid, as I try to understand all that happened, the more I am convinced that this was an optional and not a part of the “have to”, of the initial plan.
The fact that I was initially refused to go into the pyramid, as definitely sent me into soul searching. I suppose really, in the pursuit of more clarity, of ‘Whom I AM’ and my part in the bigger Plan. And yes, a part of me is saying “so what, you did it and that is that”, there are other parts of me that request the clarity. I don’t think, from a place of distrust, because the bottom line of it all, whether I understand what is going on, or not, I still do what needs to be done.
But I think from a place of balance. I AM not only spirit, I am also mind, heart and body.
And in order for none of my aspects to feel neglected, I have a need, to use every aspect of myself. Maybe different aspects at different times, but nevertheless, letting some catch up to the rest, ultimately.
I also have this recognition, awareness, that the path will be travelled at a speedier pace and with fewer bumps, if this sort of balance is maintained. (Maybe I am only justifying myself??).
So let’s go back to my soul searching.
One of the questions that came up to me, on reflection, was:

At what point to I just allow the Universe to take over and how much of that Universe, am I?”
In other words, at what point does the complete Trust and Acceptance come in and at which point does the responsibility for the creation of my reality go out? Are they one and the same? Same picture turned upside down? One, the natural growth of the other?
These are some of the questions that went through my mind.
“If I had left good enough alone, would I still have got into the pyramid?”
“If I had not got into the pyramid, would it have made any difference to the planet?”
“If it made a difference to the planet, would they have just brought the next able person, to do what needed to be done?”
“Would it have made a difference to me on a personnel level?”
“And if it had, would the Universe (me) just find another way, to accomplish the same thing?”
“If me, making a stand, is what enabled my presence into the pyramid, was that necessary for me to reaffirm my position, of wanting to do it?”
“Was this therefore the actual personal growth, challenge, taking of responsibility, which states I am the Universe?”
“Or was this, lack of Trust in the Universe, or was this Trust in myself (the Universe)?”
I have not actually arrived at any logical conclusions. This might point to the fact that I could just end up more confused.
But I don’t think so. I believe that going through all these questions (and more), enabled me to arrive at a conclusion, even though it is not what most people would consider a logical one.
I believe that there is no way that a logical decision can be made in the moment when circumstances like this arise. The only possible way is to follow ones heart, soul, and intuition. There is too much variables that one does not understand at this stage. Maybe, no, not maybe. One day when all is known, past, Present and Future all at once, in all its myriad’s of variations, than, and only than would one be able to make that kind of decision in a different way. But would one want to? Is it not that the heart is really the place to be in and therefore any decision would come from there. Is this not where we are wanting to walk towards? Run towards? Me thinks so._


Travelled to this pyramid. Seem to be very tired. Can’t even be bothered to take photos. Just enough strength to carry my crystals. Get inside the pyramid and arrange my crystals on the floor.

Twin and orange
X…’s Lemuria
New ones from England
Mine and S…’s from Lemuria
S….’s bigger crystal
Noordhoek stone
D…..’s crystal

Chanted and made hand/arm motions
Felt real difficulty to walk back to the bus.
Got to the hotel and passed out.
B… woke me up for supper. Realised how much all the crystals have changed.
Took photos.
Had the shakes. They were like a stone thrown in a pond. The waves/ shakes started from the inside out.
Sat with a blanket around me for over an hour, in Cairo, until the shakes were over.
[Elemental archetype left]

Egypt, 9 Sep 2000


Woke up really resisting the day. Had many nightmares during the night. Can’t remember what about. Can feel it though.
Sense of anticipation and knowing this is it. Told to use my amber jewellery. Told to take the water collected from the Nile, with me.
One of the first things you go past, as you arrive at the Karnec temple, is an avenue, with about 12 stone Rams on either side. Felt watched by the rams all the way down the avenue. The Rams on the left, seemed to be smiling.
From the top of the avenue I could see the two enormous statues.
My heart started beating really fast.
Got to the statues and our group sat at the feet of the statue on the right. (when you face the statues).
My left eye started crying, with tears streaming down my face and on to my shirt.
My right eye was completely dry, throughout. Most strange. There were eyes all over the wall facing me. Was told to look at them all, very directly.
Felt quite panicky for a moment.
Carried on seeing the rest of the temple. It is actually a conglomerate of temples, all built at different times, for different kings and pharaohs. This collection of temples is spread over a diameter of 2,5km. There is also an avenue, of approximately 3km joining this conglomerate of temples, to the temple of Luxor (which is also a conglomerate of temples, only not as big).
Stopped at the sarcophagus of Hatshepsut and was told to tone. We than started turning back, to come out at the same point where the two statues were. From here onwards, I started chanting softly all the time. It felt as if I was gathering to me, all that I needed for the job, (tools, help?). On the way to the statues, was told to stop by a lake, called the Sacred Lake and was told to align with the twin palms on the other side of the lake and chant.
As I was chanting, I was shown what to do with the water from the Nile, when I got to the statues. Kept on chanting. Was asked to tell Bea to take photographs. Don’t understand why.
Got to the statues. Was told to wrap my white shawl around my waist, to cover my purple shorts. Was supposed to be totally dressed in white. Was told to let my hair down (loose) and place my white feather prominently on my head. Something to do with it being, like a calling card.
Was told to place my rug sack with my crystals, my pouch with my more personal crystals and my angel, at the bottom of the left statue (when you face them from the entrance), opposite to where we sat when we came in.
Picked up my bottle with the Nile water and walked to the area in the middle of the two statues. Started drawing a spiral, with the water, on the floor. My hand moved of its own accord and drew the spiral from the outside to the inside. Was told to step into it. Chanted facing the four directions. Made hand and arm motions.
Could feel the left statue, standing up, turning and looming over me (it sounds 3D impossible, but energetically, or in another dimension, it was definitely real). Centred myself and faced it. Was told to chant, firmly, straight at it. Ended by standing and just letting energy run through. Felt really strange walking away from it. Could not walk slowly. Literally ran around like a wound up toy, talking strange words and making guttural sounds. Was also bringing up energy and crying.
Was told to walk backwards, towards the avenue with the rams and at the same time, facing the statues, still uttering strange words and guttural sounds and making hand motions.
Was told to stop at the top of the ram’s avenue, for a moment, letting the energy run through me again and than to turn my back on the statues.
All the rams on my left side (right side coming up) were now smiling (again impossible?? NOT!!!!).
This joy became contagious and I could not stop smiling, all the way to the bus and all the way to the Luxor temple and all the time that I was in the Luxor temple.
Put a crystal in the statue. Put a Noordhoek stone in the scarob. Another Noordhoek stone in one of the rams.
_Further thoughts on what happened.
The statue symbolised or housed (energetically), the guardian of the energy gate that I was opening. It had been its job for such a long time; would it know what else to do? Would it have a purpose after this was completed? Sounds just like all of us. None of us is better or worse, than anyone else. The only reason why someone gets a job, is because they are the best suited for that job. This might again sound like the better, worst, kind of comparison, but that is not what I mean. It is more to do with the fact, that, through the ages, one picks up specific training. And of course, one’s galactic genes, I am sure, influence this too. A part of me, says that this is a contradiction, because, if we are all One and One is everything, than how came, some are better equipped to do this, instead of that? Than I turn to Nature and watch it. Not that I always get the explanations in a manner that satisfy my logical mind, but I often find that through the comparison of complex thoughts (questions), and the simplicity of Nature, which just is, I can see a thread that I can base my Trust (faith) in. So here is my example: Oxygen does what Oxygen does best. And Hydrogen does what Hydrogen does best. And both of them together in their perfection of co-creation, reach higher doings. Not better, not worse, just more and different. I mean, together, Oxygen and Hydrogen do, what no other combination in Nature, is able to. No fight, or struggle or fear about their job. They just do, what they were destined to. Such is Nature. In its simplicity, it attains the culmination of creation. So, we could say, an angel does, what an angel does best and the cleaner ups of energy, do, what they know to do, best. Clean up. And the ones, who protect, do exactly that. Protect. And sometimes they don’t need to do that anymore. They can move on to the next, experience, lesson, challenge. But unlike Nature, we have questions and fears and ……….
There was also a being in the other statue but somehow i was not asked to deal with it._
[We will have to handle this one together.]


In the Luxor temple I chanted all the time. It felt like I was walking on air. My chants were really joyful chants. My feelings seemed to be of joy, relief and accomplishment.
When I got to the room I observed that my silver jewellery was completely tarnished with black.

Got on the bus for the airport to depart for Cairo.
On the way to the airport, my third eye felt very strange, it felt and sounded (I could actually ear it) like someone had opened it by turning a key (like a sardine can). All of a sudden there was what felt like wind coming in and I felt like I could see nearly all around my head. It still feels strange.
_So, another level within me as been opened
May I allow myself to use it wisely, but also courageously and with compassion, tempered with tenacity and determination._

Egypt, 8 Sep 2000


Tomb of Ramses the second Son.
The corridor into the mountain is about 100 metres long.
Chanted softly all the way down. Felt quite oppressed on my chest.

Next tomb. The only Queen in the entire Valley of the Kings. Surrounded by the tombs of another three men. Fourth man buried with her in her temple.
Managed to be just myself, B…. and two more people, in the tomb. Toned and chanted freely. Felt really happy, soft and gentle energy.
Placed crystal by the sarcophagus.
Also Noordhoek stone.
_As I meditate on this part of the trip I seem to feel that the purpose here was to bring an anchor, of a peaceful, calming energy to the area.
Must speak to H… and find out if she knows about the kind of political environment there, or any kind of unrest??????_


This queen pretended to be a man for most of her life.
Initially thought this was the place of the gate opening, when I saw the big statues, but there were no palm trees. Have been having visions of two big statues sitting. Also many palm trees.
Even though I could tell this was not the place, I felt really sick with nausea. Also, a very oppressing atmosphere. Chanted all the way down the stone avenue.
Was asked to align with the arches further down and just stand and let the energies pass through me. Felt okay after that.
Buried a crystal and a Noordhoek stone at the bottom of the stone avenue, right in the middle.
_Spoke to H… about how incredibly dense the energy felt in this area. It was not the temple per say, but the entire area.
She told me that by the arches,(that I was asked to align with), there was a burial site. The mummies from all over Egypt were collected and buried here before being taken up the Nile to the Cairo museum. Also approximately two years ago there was a massacre of Japanese tourists who were machine gunned by terrorists, exactly by the beginning of the stairways, that I was asked to align with as well.
I would think that it is not surprising that the energy needed some king of clearing._

Too tired to go to the other tomb. Stayed in the bus.
Did not go to any tombs in the Valley of the Queens.
Far too tired. Actually exhausted.
Went to the Winter Palace. We sat outside and had tea. There were an immense amount of falcons that flew above us all the time we sat there.
(Horus??) I wonder in which area of Egypt was this god more idolised or followed?
Galabaya Party.

Egypt, 7 Sep 2000


Temple dedicated to Horus and Sobek (the crocodile god).
Again great affinity with Hathor.
I was told to dance and chant in between the enormous columns.
Toned in the sound box.
This temple was used as a hospital for eye problems, fertility problems and psychiatry.
Noordhoek stone in the sound box.
Sailed to Edfu.
Felt incredibly nostalgic looking at the margins of the Nile.


Went on a horse carriage to this temple.
This temple dedicated to the marriage of Horus to Hathor.
Toned and chanted by Horus sarcophagus.
Noordhoek stone by the sarcophagus.
Toned in the room where the high priests used to get all the tunics and papyrus for the ceremonies.
Noordhoek stone.
Sailed to Luxor.

Egypt, 6 Sep 2000



On the other side of the Nile, opposite to where the town of Aswan is, is where the Nubiles have their homes. The nubiles where not part of Egypt, until they were taken over again and again. One of the features on that margin, are the Tombs of the Nobles.
It is enormous. There are these long steps leading to the tombs, which were excavated into the mountain. The majority of the tombs have been broken into.


Also on this margin are the Botanical Gardens. They were the life time project of a British man. He imported palm trees from all over the world. It is like a green paradise in amongst mountains of desolate sand. There are many wild, ginger cats. They are considered to be gods by the nubiles and no one is allowed to touch or hurt them.
There was a beautiful, big lizard in one of the trees.
The photo did not come out so distinct.


From here we went on to the Elephantine Highland. It is full of Temples and ruins. There are excavations going on there again. Tourists are not allowed. They claim that the older water springs running to the Nile are there.
Since coming from Egypt read a book that talks about “The Copper Scrolls”. These were found in this highland. Suspected that they were created by the Essenes, who establish themselves here.
We visited a museum in this highland. When we went past a cross inside the museum my hands instinctively crossed in front of my tummy (solar plexus chakra).
On reflection I understand it was for protection. Something to do with the symbol having a specific power of hooking energy.
B…. did not protect herself in any way and for the rest of the day felt nauseous and as if someone had stabbed her on the back.

At the end of the day we went for Sundowners at the top of a mountain overlooking Aswan and the Nile.
The sunset was very disappointing. It was incredibly fast. I somehow had memories, therefore expectations, of magnificent sunsets. Either I had a different spot from the one in my memories, or the sunsets I have seen since than have impressed me more.
Sailed to KomOmbo during the night.

Egypt, 5 Sep 2000


Incredible feeling of nausea. I wanted to bring up.
My head got really painful.
Noordhoek stone.
_Feeling left with, seems to indicate that the Nile is not quite so happy with being “blocked”. Something to do with the etheric counterpart does no longer parallel the actual 3D physical. ?????
Somehow what I did seemed to have made a difference. ???????_


Blocked energy.
Collected 5 stones.
One is going to Karnec. One for D…..
One for S….
One for my pouch.
Obelisk never completed. Still lying there half done. Can’t remember where it was meant to go.
Had a vision of a man. Ginger beard and hair. Wild hair. Did not feel confortable.
Felt very tired.
Noordhoek stone.
_A definite connection with Karnec. Stone to be carried there. This is obviously the symbolical gesture of carrying some kind of intention from one place to the other. Or is it that such a small stone can actually be a pivot of such incredible changes of energy?
Man with orange beard? Who knows? Myself in a distant past? A guardian of the area? Energy essence to be sent HOME? Guardian from Karnec??????_


Temple dedicated to Isis and Osiris. Were told the entire story of Osiris and Seth and Isis. How Horus came about. And how Horus created Hathor.
Incredible connection with Hathor. Goddess of music, healing and midwifery.
Noordhoek stone at the temple.
Chanted all the way on the boat there.
The actual power point is in the water.
Noordhoek stone in the water.
Saw a beautiful lizard on the rocks. Boat too fast to take photos.
Also camel and face watching us and two stones like at Stonehenge.
Collected water from the Nile. Told that I would need it later in the trip.
_Spoke to H… since I have been back. Before the Aswan Dam was built, the engineers realised that this temple would be flooded in the process. They moved the temple stone by stone into higher ground so that it would be preserved. Therefore the power point actually being in the water.
The good old Intuition still working……….._


Name of the boat we are travelling in.
Met someone who claims to be Akanon. Strong exchange of energy. I have known him before. Here is another chance for him to decide, will he let himself be ruled by his bottom chakras or his heart? Let us hope he is tired of going around in circles.
_Made his decision. He as had the choice and he has made the decision.
How afraid we all are of moving forward.
And I have learned how protected I am and how much I have moved on….(even though it takes me a few life times)_

Egypt, 4 Sep 2000


Felt watched from the moment i set foot in Cairo.
Had some incredible dreams of big, I mean enoooormous insects (which I could not identify as actual species that I know), coming towards me.
Have no idea of the significance.
Yesterday at Stonhenge, B… got badly bitten, by some insect all over her body.
I have not had a bite.
Different ways of manifesting the same?
If that is so, mine was certainly easier to cope with on a conscious level.
Have had some whispers about the fact that the insects are related to extraterrestrial life connections and that is the way my brain interprets it. Still puzzled.
[Same species i have started sending home when i do Earth work, since Peru.]